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St. Serra's Student Council is composed of exceptional leaders from the 7th and 8th grades, along with 2 faculty moderators. Each year, potential candidates go through an election process and the student body votes on the most desirable officers for each position available. Student Council members are active participants in a variety of service-oriented and charitable activities. Other than organizing and hosting student pep rallies, members are asked to volunteer time towards helping school-wide events and fundraisers. These young leaders are also given the opportunity to participate in a variety of leadership trainings through local Catholic high schools and other organizations. Overall, it is a great way for students at St. Serra to gain meaningful career experiences and build strengthened communication skills, team work, and time management.

Do you have natural leadership qualities? Are your friends always looking to you for information and/or advice? Do you have passion and vision, and are motivated to make changes for our students at St. Serra? Student Council might be for you! 


Summer 2023