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St. Serra FUNlunch takes place once a month on Fridays! Each month, St. Serra will partner with a local restaurant and have their food served in lieu of our daily hot lunch service. There will be NO Choicelunch service the day of the FUNlunch, so be sure to pack your student(s) a lunch from home if you are not participating that Friday. 

September – FUNlunch (Chick-fil-A), Friday, 9/22
October – FUNlunch Friday (TK Burgers), 10/20
November – FUNlunch Friday, 11/3
December – FUNlunch Friday, 12/8
January – FUNlunch Friday, 1/26
February – FUNlunch Friday, 2/9
March – FUNlunch Thursday, 3/21 (Lent is from Feb 14 – Mar 28)
April – FUNlunch Friday, 4/19
May – FUNlunch Friday, 5/10
24-25 Interest