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Our 1:1 Program Philosophy

St. Junipero Serra Catholic School provides technological resources to our students for the purpose of supporting the educational experience and mission of the school.  In providing these resources, St. Junipero Serra Catholic School promotes educational excellence by facilitating creative thinking, research, communication, and collaboration to meet the unique learning needs of every student. The use of these resources is governed by the policies and guidelines as established by the Diocese of Orange and St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.
  • Participation in the 1:1 program is required for all students in Grades TK through Eight.
  • The cost of participating in the program is included in the Family Educational Cost per student.
  • The use of school technology is governed by the Diocesan Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), which each family agrees to during the annual registration process
  • Students and Families have read and understand the 1:1 Program Handbook (please see link below). During the school year, new and unusual situations might arise. Therefore, the school reserves the right to amend these guidelines as necessary and any new rules will become a part of the guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to anticipate the changing educational environment and the needed skills of 21st Century children and adults, technological resources can no longer be an add-on to instruction. Rather, technology must be a fully integrated part of every student’s daily learning. Appropriate and effective use of technological tools and online resources are essential life skills, necessary for the workplace and for participation in society. As Catholic schools, we must claim our place in this new world of education by striving for this same integration within our Catholic identity.

The model of the stand-alone computer lab or mobile computer carts serve this mission only partway. Sharing very limited resources, students seldom develop true mastery or comfort with machines. The very act of leaving the classroom for a “lab” emphasizes the distinction between this work and the “real” learning in the classroom. Likewise teachers are not pushed to create regular lessons using technology, limiting this integration to the occasional project. Most educators acknowledge that we are moving toward a 1x1 environment, students each having their own devices for use at any time at school or at home. Among the advantages provided by this environment are

  • Instant access to resources far beyond those available in a traditional classroom
  • Individualized instruction
  • “Paperless” textbooks and work environments
  • Ability to demonstrate skills beyond those of a “paper and pencil” environment

All diocesan high schools and some elementary schools are moving toward this model in some form. However, if this is truly the best way to educate students, 1x1 must be standard for all of our schools, not limited to those with means, resources, and personnel to drive this program.

Absolutely! Bringing a 1:1 program to the school has changed the paradigm of education in the classroom. Because how the iPad and laptop is used in the classroom will vary somewhat by grade level, this will be reviewed by the teachers at the respective Back-to-School Nights.

The cost of the 1:1 program is included in the educational cost for each student. This cost includes the use of the equipment, protective case, licensing for apps/programs, and security/management tools.

However, the cost of repairs and lost equipment will be billed separately to each family as applicable.

Students who are in Grades TK to Two will be utilizing the Apple iPad.
• iPads for students in TK and Kindergarten remain in the classroom
• iPads for students in First and Second Grade are sent home with students

Students who are in Grades Three to Eight will be utilizing the Lenovo Chromebook 300e

Are the students be able to keep their devices?
Students are issued their device for their continued use while enrolled at the school (including summer months). When a student leaves the school, or the device has reached its end of lease, the equipment must be returned to the school.

This is not a fair comparison.

The 1:1 Program fee includes more than just the use of the device, case, apps, or Accidental Drop Protection warranty, and tax; it also includes the training, enterprise mobile device management software and other infrastructure enhancements required to make this program a success including teacher iPads, support, synching carts, and content filtering.

Students are required to use school-owned devices for this program. Because of the way the devices will be managed at an enterprise level, all of these devices will be owned by the school. Enterprise level management will allow for the school to push applications to the devices, remotely lock or wipe data from the device, and other network functions.

A school-issued device will also ensure that all students have the same equipment on which to work, which apps are installed on the device, and the filtering which we can have in place at all times.

The Help Desk is open Monday to Friday from 7:10 to 3:00 p.m. to assist students with problems with their devices. The Help Desk is located in the PEB on the second floor in the Third Grade wing.

Students may also open a tech ticket by emailing

If a student is having problems with accessing one of their software programs, please email

If your student is experiencing problems with their device after school hours and is unable to complete their homework, please contact the teacher(s) by email to notify them of the challenges that they are having.

Please make sure the student stops by the Help Desk first thing the following morning so that the IT team can troubleshoot the problem(s).

Once a device has been evaluated by a member of the school's IT team, they will determine the best course of action to ensure that the student is provided with a well-performing device.

If it is determined that a device must be sent out for repairs, a replacement iPad or laptop will be issued to the student by the end of the day.

There is no charge to the family if the repair is the result of a manufacturer defect with the equipment, or other similar issue. However, families will be billed the $49 (iPads) or $50 (laptops) service charge is the repair is the result of accidental handling.

The case on the equipment may not be changed. These cases were carefully selected to ensure the proper protection for the school-issued equipment. Replacement cases are available at the school's cost if the original case is lost or damaged.

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