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We wish to extend a very special thank you for everyone's support of this year's Denim & Diamonds Anchor Ball. We appreciate everyone who touched this event in some fashion to help make a difference for our Serra Bears and for our school. To those who had an opportunity to attend, we hope you enjoyed the evening.

Please view the CONSTANT CONTACT for a full recap of the event.

Check out your photos from this fantastic night!  Thank you to all who were in attendance helping to create a very successful evening for St. Serra!


Please contact the Anchor Ball team: 

2023 Anchor Ball Committee

PTO Co-Vice Presidents, Anchor Ball
Mrs. Stephanie Cole & Mrs. Lauren Hermann

Event Chairs 
Auction Chair: Mrs. Danielle Ashbach
Decor Co-Chairs: Mrs. Tanya Ebner and Mrs. Jodi Vogl
Event Concierge Chair: Mrs. Dominique Grant 
Graphics Chair: Mrs. Kristin Taylor
Live Program Chair: Mrs. Colleen Hardy 
Marketing Chair: Mrs. Melissa Regan
Reservations Chair: Mrs. Kathleen Hayes
Sales Co-chairs: Mrs. Jennifer Butterbrodt and Mrs. Kelly Canzoneri 
Social Media Chair: Mrs. Janan Kissler 
Underwriting Chair - Mrs. Nikki Ham 
VIP Lounge Chair: Mrs. Giselle Perez
Videography Chair: Mrs. Krysti Crafts
Volunteer Chair: Mrs. Tatiana Chapman 

The support of our generous St. Serra families is needed to make this important night a success. Any support you can provide would be deeply appreciated. We thank you in advance for your generosity and investing your TIME, TALENT, and TREASURE in our amazing St. Serra School Community. Your gift represents an investment with the most lasting and satisfying dividends: our children. They are the joy of today and the promise of a strong tomorrow. 


Please be advised: Should this function no longer be viable for any reason – including a force majeure or act of God incident – then the balance of the fundraised money shall be transferred to St. Serra’s general operating fund to be used at the discretion of the St. Serra Leadership Team to further our school's mission.

St. Junipero Serra Catholic School (FEIN 33-0665436) is exempt from federal income tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code by virtue of its inclusion in the group tax exemption of the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops.  Please consult your tax advisor about the deductibility of your contribution.

This is a PTO-sponsored event to benefit all students of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.

Thank you for supporting Anchor Ball 2023!

Anchor Ball Sponsors

Thank you to our incredible sponsors!

Our Anchor Ball 2023 Confirmed Guests!

HTML Radio Generator Erik Anderson
Kathryn Anderson
Joe Ascona
Kyle Beebe
Bob Bilbruck
Kylie Brake
Eric Brown
Melissa Brown
Carey Burfeind
Thomas Burfeind
Briana Campos
Chris Campos
Caroline Cecil
Matt Cecil
Erica Christensen
Jasen Christensen
Valerie Christopherson-Bilbruck
Chris and Stephanie Cole
Matt Coomes
Stefanie Coomes
Brendan Crafts
Krysti Crafts
Narine Daneshfar
Rok Daneshfar
Amy Davey
Rob Davey
Mari Dragonetti
Jason Dunlop
Nasem Dunlop
Emmett Ebner
Tanya Ebner
Brandy Edwards
James Edwards
Roxanne Ellison
Roxanne Ellison-Vaglietti
Nick Emsiek
Shannon Emsiek
Kerry Erland
Katie Fennimore
Chris Ferraro
Jessica Ferraro
Haley Goodman
Nikki Ham
Richard Ham
Brian Hardy
Colleen Hardy
Gina Hardy
Sean Hardy
Carrie Haupt
Joe Haupt
Jenny Hayes
Beth Henderson
Ryan Henderson
Lauren Hermann
Jasmine Ho
Andrew Hock
Jess Hudson
Luke Hudson
Jaylon Hutton
Whitney Hutton
Genevieve James
Bryan Johnson
Dana Johnson
Kristen Johnson
TJ Johnson
Danielle Jones
Kenneth Jones
Dustin Kemmerer
Erica Kemmerer
Jacob Kendrick
Jason Kezelman
Raina Kezelman
Bradley Kissler
Janan Kissler
Austin Lyman
Elizabeth Lyman
Alona Mashevska
Sergii Mashevskyi
Chris Mellow
Cynthia Mellow
Kristine Miller
Tim Miller
Tiffany Modino
Steve Modry
Vanessa Modry
Heidi Mooney
Martin Mooney
Adelle Moran
Christopher Moran
Mary Mounir
Sam Mounir
Jason Murray
Allison Olex
Dan Oots
Lacie Oots
Giselle Perez
Rick Perez
Jennifer Powers
Will Powers
Christina Prisco
Gregg Prisco
Brandon Ralph
Malia Ralph
Erin Redfern
Carol Reiss
Jeff Reiss
Preeti Saraogi
Michael Sargent
Pamela Sargent
Courtney Shaia
James Skorheim
Desiree Stafford
Devyn Stafford
Mike Sunyich
Nikki Sunyich
Kristin Taylor
Tim Tolzda
Sonia Tucci
Vince Tucci
Andrew Turula
Giovanni Vaglietti
Narine Vardanyan
Jeff Vogl
Jodi Vogl
Heather Ward
David White
Emily White
Kelly Wight
Stephen Wight
Hillary Wolett
Kevin Wolett
Solano Catholic Church
Summer 2023