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CLICK TO TIP: Incident Reporting System

CLICK TO TIP is St. Serra’s very own, anonymous reporting system developed to encourage students to practice the slogan, See Something, Say Something.

The SUBMIT FORM button below allows students to report concerns related to bullying, self-harm, harassment, physical abuse, threat to school or students, and vandalism. This new safety feature has an embedded encryption on the form; therefore, it cannot be tracked back to the anonymous reporter. All reports go directly to our Assistant Principals and our School Counselor. Once a tip is received, an investigation is started, which enables the school administrators to create effective interventions and in the case of an imminent threat, law enforcement will be notified.

This form will be monitored during regular school hours and school events. If the report is an emergency, individuals should call 911 immediately.

Please note the importance of this reporting form and be aware that law enforcement may be involved in the monitoring of tips received.


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