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Participating in our Rebate (Scrip) Program is easy and generates rebates for your St. Serra educational costs (tuition). Merchants sell gift cards to St. Serra at a discounted price, which we in turn sell to families at face value. The difference generates a rebate. 50% of the rebate value is applied to your tuition payments, and 50% is a tax-deductible donation to St. Serra. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from, and some local favorites as well!

Participating families raised over $15,000 collectively in 2021-2022 toward their tuition, and donated an equal amount to St. Serra.  To get started, contact our Rebate Coordinator ( to assist you in setting up your online account.


Accepted payment: Online Banking or Credit Card.
Account Overview
Hundreds of retailers to choose from
Physical cards, e-cards and reloadable cards 
Shopping with convenience from home or on the go, year round
Access to purchase and rebate history
Friends and family can create their own accounts and support SJSC families
Convenience fee of $0.15 per order for checking or saving accounts.
2.6% per order is added for all credit card transactions.
$30 Fee for any returns from the Bank
Account Setup
SJSC Rebate Coordinator creates account with an email address supplied by families (contact your coordinator).
Families then receive an email to set up their account and password.  This is time sensitive so if you encounter problems, just click on “forgot password” and one will be emailed to you right away.  You can change it later through “family functions."
Families need to establish online banking, a safe and reliable EFT system to pay for purchases (see below). The check payment option is not authorized by SJSC.
Go to Dashboard, then Family Functions, then Payment Types.  There are 2 ways to link your account to your bank account: Instant Link or Manual.
Read the terms and conditions and click on "Yes and I agree" on the bottom of the page.                                  
Want even easier shopping? Download the RaiseRight app!

CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF of the following instructions.

St. Serra participates in Ralph's Community Contribution Program. It is another easy way to help increase your scrip rebate amount by simply registering online at Please contact our Rebate Program Coordinator at with any questions.

To Register or Renew Registration for Ralph's:
Please go and follow the easy steps to enroll. You may also call Ralph's at (800) 443-4438.

St. Serra’s non-profit organization number is CL108.

Participants are required to register or re-register EVERY YEAR on September 1.

Procedure for Ralph’s Contribution Rebate Credit:
1. Go to
2. Click "SIGN IN."
3. Enter your email address and password.
4. Click on "Your Name" (top right-hand corner).
5. Click on "My Account" in the drop-down menu.
6. Click on "Community Rewards" (left side of screen under "My Account").
7. You will see your earnings for previous quarter at the bottom of the page.
8. Email a screenshot of this page to by the due date published in the St. Serra Sunday News.

IMPORTANT: Due dates are published in the St. Serra Sunday News (SSSN) well in advance of the due date, at least 3 weeks before.  As per Ralph’s guidelines, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to reports received after the due dates published in the SSSN, and no retroactive credits will be issued.

Please note that rebate credits to your Educational Costs will be limited and subject to (a) Ralph’s continuation of providing participants with their individual contribution amount, and (b) following the St. Serra procedures outlined above.


St. Serra participates in “eScrip”, an electronic scrip company. It is another easy way to help increase your scrip rebate amount. It offers an “online mall” of hundreds of vendor websites. Click here for more information.


To register please go to, and follow the steps to create an account. St. Serra’s eScrip Group ID number is 136559531. Please contact our Rebate Coordinator at with any questions.

eScrip Online Mall

Instead of going directly to your website of choice, you will go to, find the website if available, and click. You will be redirected to the vendor website, but the click through will track your earnings.

eScrip Dining

Register your credit/debit cards on to participate in “eScrip Dining”. Any time you dine at a participating restaurant and use the credit/debit card you registered, you automatically earn rebates.

IMPORTANT: Rebates from eScrip are reported to St. Serra on a monthly basis, and 2-3 months behind our scrip year. This means that rebates earned in April, May and sometimes, March will be credited to the following scrip year.




The Rebate Program is one of the major vehicles for obtaining funds for St. Junipero Serra Catholic School (therein referred to as SJSC). The SJSC Rebate Program purchases gift cards/certificates at a discount, for a variety of merchants. (Note: Percentage discounts vary, at the discretion of the merchant). A SJSC Rebate Program volunteer sells the gift cards/certificates at face value to SJSC Rebate Program participants. The SJSC Rebate Program participant is offered several options for use of the difference or rebate, between the face value (purchase price) and the discount price. In addition, SJSC Rebate Program is registered with preauthorized electronic Rebate merchants. These merchants provide rebates, subject to their program limitations and product eligibility, on behalf of self-registered participants who designate St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.

Guidelines and Protocols General Guidelines:

1. A participant in the SJSC Rebate Program must:

(a) Read and understand the "Rebate Program General Guidelines and Protocols". (b) Complete and sign the "Rebate Program Agreement" (see reverse). SJSC will establish a participant account and keep this signed Agreement on file.

(c) An email address should be on file for each participant, as email is the official mode of communication for the Rebate Program.

2. SJSC offers the SJSC Rebate Program to generate earnings from rebates, which will provide a means to raise funds for SJSC, and to provide the opportunity to reduce tuition and/or school fees for students enrolled at SJSC. SJSC Rebate Program earnings are generated from participating merchants who have agreed to return to the SJSC Rebate Program participants, a percentage of the dollar amount of each card/certificate purchased. The percentage returned by each individual vendor is listed on the SJSC Rebate order form or on the SJSC website. The individual vendor percentages listed are exactly the percentages earned from the vendor for each card/certificate purchased through the SJSC Rebate Program and therefore, represent the exact amount of earnings generated into our Rebate account. The vendor percentages are subject to change without notice. The rebate earnings accumulated by all participants will be held in SJSC Rebate Program accounts at US Bank. Monthly bank statements for the rebate accounts shall be kept by the SJSC Business Office.

3. The SJSC Rebate Program will run on a yearly basis. The SJSC Rebate Program will operate weekly throughout the school year with minor deadline and delivery changes due to holidays and vacations. Participants must check emails often for updated order and pick up schedules. Changes in policies and procedures may occur. Continuation of the SJSC Rebate Program is at the discretion of SJSC and is contingent upon having the necessary amount of volunteers and participants.

4. Copies of the SJSC Rebate Program Guidelines and Protocols are to be filed with the Diocese of Orange Finance Office on an annual basis (no later than July 1st of each year). 

Specific Protocols:

1. Rebates generated by each individual participant will be credited as indicated on the Rebate Program Agreement (see reverse).

2. Participants may elect to have their rebates applied as a general contribution to SJSC and/or to their individual tuition and/or school fees accounts and/or as a cash rebate to participant, the latter subject to a $25 annual administrative fee.

3. Rebates will be distributed annually in May to those participants who elect to receive rebates.

4. Amounts designated as a charitable contribution to SJSC may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax consultant for proper guidance on potential deductibility.

5. Amounts designated to be credited to your tuition and/or school fees accounts at SJSC are NOT tax deductible. Such amounts will be credited as indicated on the SJSC Rebate Program Agreement.

6. Statements will be provided to participants twice each school year.

7. Any participant writing a non-sufficient fund check or ACH will incur a fee of $30.00. The fee must be paid to SJSC before participant's next rebate order will be processed.

8. Rebates are Non-Refundable. In the event a rebate card/certificate fails at the time of use, it is the participant's responsibility to first contact the vendor's customer service and secondly, contact SJSC, in the event that the problem is not resolved through the vendor. DO NOT THROW THE ARD/CERTIFICATE AWAY.

9. Rebate cards are the same as cash. The undersigned releases SJSC Rebate Program administrators and their respective volunteers, agents and assigns from any and all liability or claim for any lost, stolen or destroyed rebate cards and from any claims, demands, causes of action, damages and any liability of any kind which may arise from or in any way be related to the SJSC Rebate Program. This agreement is binding upon the parties hereto and their successors and assigns.

10. SJSC reserves the right to limit or decline the sale of scrip to any individual or group.

11. All undesignated rebates discounts and rebates will go to benefit the SJSC Rebate Program to help keep tuition costs affordable for all students.

  1. Using online banking through RaiseRight, place orders by 7:30 a.m. during the school year on Monday mornings.
  2. Pay using online banking or Credit Card online. No checks accepted!
  3. Orders will be available by Friday for pickup or sent home if a backpack waiver has been completed.
  4. Orders must not exceed $5,000!

Complete the Supporter Agreement Form here

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