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Health Room

Health Room

We love taking care of your children! Whether it's a skinned knee, a sore throat or a stomach ache, we are here to help your child feel better. Our goal is to care for our students and get them back to class.

If a student is too ill to stay at school (fever, vomiting etc.) their parents will be called to pick them up. We ask that students who are ill be picked up within 45 minutes.

  • Your child has been injured outside of school and is under a doctor's care
  • Your child has been diagnosed with a communicable illness such as strep throat, pink eye (conjunctivitis), hand-foot-and-mouth, lice or COVID-19
  • To communicate any other health concerns for your child, including allergies, conditions, etc.
  • All prescription or over-the-counter medicine must be taken in the Health Room.
  • Medication must be brought to the Health Room in its original container and a Medication Authorization Form must also be on file in the Health Room.
  • If your student has a severe allergy or asthma, and you would like them to carry their medicine with them at school, an Authorization to Carry Medicine Form must be on file in the Health Room. This form must be completed and initialed by a physician at the bottom where indicated.
  • NOTE: Only Middle School students are allowed to carry an Epi-Pen at school.

Medical exemptions to immunizations can only be issued through the California Registry Medical Exemption website (CAIR-ME) by physicians licensed in California. Parents can no longer request medical exemptions from their physician. All medical exemptions obtained through the CAIR-ME Registry must be submitted to the Health Room before a student can begin school.

The medical exemption law also states that 7th grade students who have had the chickenpox disease and have not received the Varicella vaccines (2 vaccines are required), will be required to obtain a medical exemption through the CAIR-ME Registry.

Contact Information

Mary Hogan
Health Room Coordinator
Phone: 949-888.1990 ext. 105