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What is the Bear Prayer Partner Program?

The Bear Prayer Partner Program is a St. Serra "mentor" program based on the belief that community building occurs through strong relationships between upper- and lower-grade students. This program fosters the spirit of mutual respect, trust and support that is emphasized at St. Serra.

Each year, older students are paired with younger ones, providing the older students many opportunities for role modeling and the demonstration of leadership, patience, compassion and respect for their Little Bear. In turn, the younger students enjoy having a special BIG Bear to look up to and interact with on campus. They share in activities such as attending Mass, participating in games, crafts and fun activities.

Who are Bear Prayer Partners?

  • 8th Grade and 4th Grade
  • 7th Grade, Kindergarten and 1st Grade
  • 6th Grade and 2nd Grade
  • 5th Grade and 3rd Grade
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