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Volunteering at St. Serra

VOLUNTEERing at st. serra

Welcome, Volunteers! Thank you for visiting our web page. This is where you will find everything related to volunteering at St. Serra, including volunteer certification requirements, volunteer service hour requirements, volunteer opportunities, how to record your volunteer hours, and more!

Volunteerism is a crucial aspect of our school community. All St. Serra parents are encouraged to contribute their time, talent and treasure to various areas of need within our school.  Volunteer support for our classrooms, library, sports programs, theater programs, PTO events and programs, etc., help us to foster fellowship and build community for our children, parents, teachers and support staff. Each family's efforts help to provide a strong foundation for our school's development, and ultimately benefit all of our children who will learn by example to become the leaders of future generations.

Prayer of Gratitude for Volunteers

Father, we offer our grateful thanks and praise for the army of volunteers
who quietly yet faithfully offer their services for the wellbeing and support of others.
We ask Your special blessing on each one, knowing that they are the unsung heroes
who receive little thanks for their valuable contribution,
and who are so often taken for granted by those that they freely serve.
Provide for the needs of each one, and protect them from those that might
intentionally or unwittingly exploit their generous nature. We ask this in Jesus' name,

Top Ten Reasons to Volunteer:
  1. To be connected and involved with the St. Serra Community.
  2. To build lifelong friendships with other parents.
  3. To connect with faculty & staff.
  4. To fulfill my personal desire to help others.
  5. To become a greater part of my child’s school experience.
  6. To be informed about what is going on at St. Serra.
  7. To have the opportunity to help pave the way for future success at St. Serra.
  8. To serve God.
  9. To model service for my children.
  10. To see the fruits of our labor and know that we are making a difference.

Questions?  Please e-mail PTO VP Volunteers, Mich Todd at


CLICK HERE for instructions, forms and hyperlinks.

For the 2021-2022 school year, all families with students in grades TK-8 are obligated to contribute a total of forty (40) hours of volunteer service for St. Serra Catholic School. There is no volunteer hours requirement for families who only have children in preschool.

For those parents who do not have the ability to volunteer on campus, choose not to provide a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Card, or do not wish to get a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of volunteering at the school, we are offering some additional options this year which can count toward the 40-hour service requirement:

There are also numerous "at-home" projects that we require help with at certain times of the year. Examples: Constructing bows for PTO gift-wrapping needs, cutting out paper hearts for Father Daughter Dance, collating/stapling packets, affixing labels on packets, etc.

Additional information about St. Serra volunteer service hours:

  • Volunteer hours must be logged by June 8, 2022 or you will be charged through FACTS for any unfilled hours at the rate of $15 per hour.
  • You can opt to buy-out volunteer hours at a rate of $15 per hour.
  • There are opportunities to earn double hours for some shifts at certain events.
  • Volunteer hours are non-transferable i.e. you cannot "donate" them to another St. Serra family.
  • Volunteer hours do not carry over to the following academic year.

How to find volunteer opportunities:

  • St. Serra website (check back on this page)
  • St. Serra Sunday News
  • Consult your New Family Ambassador
  • Contact our PTO VP, Volunteers:

Thank you for your continued support of our wonderful St. Serra community, consisting of students, parents, other family members, faculty and staff.

General Volunteer Opportunities:
PTO VP, Volunteers:

Specific Volunteer Opportunities:
Serra Spirit Store:
Seasons Tuition Assistance Luncheon:
Outreach Ministries:
Book Fair:
St. Serra FUNlunches:
Father Daughter Dance:
Anchor Ball:
Mother Son Event:
On-going Classroom: Your grade-level RPC (