St. Junipero Serra Catholic School

Inspiring a deep faith, innovative mind and caring heart through Christ.





Always Forward.

Siempre Adelante – Always Forward. These words are what inspired our founding families over 20 years ago to persevere through all the challenges they faced as they worked to establish a much-needed Catholic elementary school in South Orange County. Their commitment and determination resulted in the doors opening to 250 students in September of 1995. Today, they are the very same words that continue to strengthen and motivate us. St. Junipero Serra Catholic School now serves over 1,000 students and remains a leading, Catholic faith-based school in the Diocese of Orange. Read More

Bridget Class of 2012

"St. Serra Catholic built my foundation for success in high school and the rest of my life. With St. Serra’s dedication to religion and prayer, I was able to develop my faith and dedication to God. St. Serra’s supportive teachers and challenging classes prepared me for all the academic challenges in high school. The community of St. Serra is warm and supportive and I always felt like part of a family when I went there. St. Serra was the perfect place for me to grow up and develop my confidence for the future."

Chloe Middle School Student

"I knew at the age of five, when I first walked into my Kindergarten classroom,
that my nine years here at St. Serra Catholic would be adventurous and amazing. The teachers here are so supportive and don't judge you if you get a question wrong. The kids are all so nice here, too. I met my true best friends here, and I've had them since Kindergarten and First Grade. I also know more about my religion - something that public schools don't offer.

St. Serra helps you prepare for the future, and I feel confident that they did just that for me. So whether it's a tough time or a joyous celebration, St. Serra will encourage you to just be yourself and enjoy life, even if you have a ton of homework on your hands.

As we say here at St. Serra, 'Siempre Adelante.' "

Rick & Michelle
Alumni Parents '09, '11 & SJSC Supporters

"We've always believed that the most important years in a child's development are the earlier years. We can't think of a better place than starting here at Serra Catholic School and getting that foundation of faith, love and security... You work so hard to do the right thing at home and to have it re-enforced at Serra is like an extension of home. You just feel good going off to work knowing your son or daughter is really being taken care of."

Large School Opportunities

A big school means building the confidence to tackle life in a big world. Our large and diverse student body offers the opportunity for students to make friends from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. Whether your child enjoys the arts, excels in athletics, or is a budding scientist, there is something and someone for every student to connect with at St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.

With A Small School Culture

At St. Junipero Serra Catholic School we pride ourselves on our “small school” sense of community and caring environment. The size of our school doesn’t inhibit personal interaction - it encourages it. Although our student body is large, so is our staff - ensuring that individualized instruction and attention to students are at the center of our school.

Serra Strong

St. Junipero Serra is more than an educational institution—it is an extension of the family, our parishes, the Diocese of Orange and the Catholic Church. Together we create the environment that can best nurture, educate, protect and instill strong Catholic values into every child so that they will, in turn,
become servant leaders in their communities and throughout their lives.

Strong Faith. Strong Minds. Strong Hearts. We are Serra Strong.

Move Forward With Serra.