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California Junior Scholarship Federation



For Seventh and Eighth Grade Students

The California Junior Scholarship Federation (CJSF) is a state-wide organization honoring outstanding students for their academic excellence. Qualified students who earn a minimum of four (4) trimesters of membership during their 7th and 8th-grade years, are bestowed honor medallions upon them at graduation. For students who enter Serra in 8th grade we will prorate this requirement to two trimesters of membership in 8th grade.

Each qualified student must complete the following application and submit it for grade verification with a copy of the qualifying Student Learning Assessment attached.

Membership in CJSF is neither automatic nor compulsory. It is based upon scholarship and citizenship only. Extra-curricular activities or community service are not considered for membership eligibility. Requirements for membership are established and regulated by the CJSF By-Laws as stated in Article IV – Requirements for Semester/Trimester Membership. Academic classes that qualify for consideration are Religion/Family Life, English Language Arts, Mathematics, History/Social Studies, and Science.

A student establishes membership by earning academic points. For membership, the number of points earned must be twice the number of academic subjects in which the student is enrolled, i.e., ten (10) points must be earned by a student enrolled in five (5) eligible subjects. A grade of “A” calculates as (3) CJSF points, a grade of “B” calculates as (1) CJSF point, a grade of “C” calculates as (0) CJSF points. A student earning a grade of “D” or a grade of “F" in a trimester is disqualified from earning membership for that trimester.

Membership Rosters are updated by Trimester for Grades 7 and 8 and are posted in the Parents Only section of the school website which is password protected.

2019-2020 CJSF Membership List


CJSF Membership Roster

8th Grade
Matthew A. 
Sophia A. 
Lauren B. 
Bryson B. 
Roman C. 
Natalie d. 
Lauren F. 
Jocelyn F. 
Jack G. 
Ava G. 
Christian H. 
Amelia H. 
Chloe H. 
Claire H. 
Emma K. 
Dalya K. 
Sinjin K. 
Juliana L. 
Paul P.
Delaney S.
Isabella S. 
Hayden S. 
Terry S. 
Landon S. 
Chloe S. 
Collette W. 
Grace W. 
Luka Z. 
7th Grade 
Maya A. 
Clara A. 
Logan B. 
Lily B. 
Samantha B. 
Kiera B. 
Grace B. 
Olivia B. 
Colin B. 
Ava C. 
Riley C. 
Caitlyn D. 
Emma D. 
Jacob E. 
Aria F. 
Kylie F. 
Gavin G. 
Christine J. 
Emerson K-E 
Jordan L.
Connor L. 
Cassius M. 
Jillian M. 
Madalyn P. 
Julia P. 
Lida R. 
Samantha R. 
Kaden S. 
Michael S. 
Shufan S. 
Andi S. 
Max S. 
Olivia S. 
Riley S. 
Macy T. 
Audrey W. 
Nicholas W. 
Yuan Yin 
Marielle Z. 
Mateo Z. 
7th Grade
Matthew A.
Sophia A.
Lauren B. 
Bryson B.
Roman C.
Natalie D.
Lauren F.
Jocelyn F.
Jack G.
Ava G.
Riley H.
Christian H.
Chloe H.
Claire H.
Amelia H.
Emma K.
Dalya K.
Paul P.
Isabella S.
Hayden S.
Chloe S.
Landon S.
Grace W.
Collette W.
Luka Z.

8th Grade                                           7th Grade 

AHailey                                                AMatthew 

BMia                                                    ASophia 

BKate                                                  BLauren

B-F Landon                                         BBryson

BSkye                                                  CRoman 

CJosette                                              DNatalie

CNicholas                                           FLauren

DAshley                                              FJocelyn

DSean                                                GAva

EMary                                                HRiley

FDean                                                HChristian

GEmma                                             HJenna 

HJane                                                HChloe 

HDean                                               HClaire 

HMadeline                                        HAmelia

JLauren                                              KDalya 

JTyler                                                  KEmma

KLuke                                                 NJackson

LKayla                                                PPaige

LLogan                                              PPaul

LChristian                                         SIsabella 

MJayden                                           SHayden

MSofia                                              SChloe 

MRyan                                              WCollette

ODominique                                    WGrace 

PRachael                                          ZLuka











Trimester 1: Eighth Grade
Sarah A
Haleigh A
Mia B
Kate B
Landon B
Josette C
Nicholas C
Tyler C
Logan D
Sean D
Dean D
Mary E
Dean F
Emma G
Dean H
Tyler J
Luke K
Kayla L
Christian L
Emily L
Doninique O
Austen O
Rachel P
Halle P
Kellye R
Kamia R
Luke S
Reagan S
Gavin T
Ava V
Taylor W
Sierra Y
Trimester 1: Seventh Grade
Leila A
Sarah A
Lauren B
Bryson B
Andrew C
Natalie D
Lauren F
Jocelyn F
Christian H
Chloe H
Claire H
Amelia H
Dalya K
Emma K
Sinjin K
Carly M
Ryan M
Jackson N
Paige P
Paul P
Kyle P
Hayden S
Chloe S
Collette  W
Grace W
Luka Z


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