ShopWithScrip Program



  • Online platform administered by Great Lakes, the company we purchase our cards from
  • Access to the same cards we sell at school and hundreds more retailers to choose from
  • Physical cards, e-cards and reloadable cards
  • Shopping with convenience from home or on the go, year round
  • Access to purchase and rebate history
  • Friends and family can create their own accounts and support SJSC families
  • Convenience fee of $0.15 per order
  • $30 Fee for any returns from the Bank


  • SJSC Rebate Coordinator creates account with an email address supplied by families (contact your coordinator).
  • Families then receive an email from Great Lakes to set up their account and password.  This is time sensitive so if you encounter problems, just click on “forgot password” and one will be emailed to you right away.  You can change it later through “family functions”.
  • Families need to establish PRESTOPAY, a safe and reliable EFT system to pay for purchases (see below). The check payment option is not authorized by SJSC.
  • Go to Dashboard, then Family Functions, then Payment Types.  There are 2 ways to link your account to your bank account: Instant Link or Manual.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click on "Yes and I agree" on the bottom of the page.
  • Video Instructions:                                   


  • Major Banks
  • Account is set up instantly
  • You will need your bank account online credentials


  • Certain Credit unions and smaller institutions
  • Account will take 1-2 days to set up
  • You will need your bank account and routing number


  • Access the program’s Virtual Wallet on your cell phone, allowing flexibility and mobility in placing orders on-the-go.
  • Open your browser and type in
  • Tap the  button at the bottom of your browser
  • Tap the “add to home screen” button
  • Tap the “add” button on the upper right corner of your screen
  • A shortcut will appear on your home screen
  • Video Instructions: (add MSW to your home screen)