Scrip FAQ's

What is the Scrip Program?

Scrip is an easy, effective tool, which costs you nothing, but generates rebates towards your Educational Costs.

How does it work?

Merchants sell Scrip gift cards to St. Serra at a discounted price. St. Serra then sells these to families at face value. Families use these cards as their form of payment instead of cash, check or credit card. The difference generates a rebate. Half of every dollar earned in rebates is applied towards Educational Costs through FACTS (or paid out by quarterly check if on annual or semi-annual FACTS plan), and the other half is a tax-deductible donation to St. Serra. There are hundreds of vendors to choose from, and some local favorites as well. 

How do families use it?

Here’s an example: A St. Serra family may shop at Albertson’s and buy $100 per week in groceries. The family would purchase $100 in Albertson’s scrip (at 4% rebate). The family receives $100 in Albertson’s gift cards in return and $4 in rebates. Then the family goes shopping as usual. At the cashier, instead of writing a check or using your ATM card, the family pays with scrip, using it just like cash! They have earned $2 towards their Educational Costs and donated $2 to St. Serra! 

How do we buy scrip?

  • Weekly Scrip Envelope Order–  Using PrestoPay through ShopwithScrip, place orders by 7:30 a.m. on Monday mornings. Pay using PrestoPay or Credit Card online. No checks accepted! Orders will be available by Friday for pick up or sent home if a backpack waiver has been completed. Orders must not exceed $5,000!
  • - Online program. CLICK HERE for details.
  • - Online program. CLICK HERE for details.
  • – Electronic program. CLICK HERE for details.
  • Ralph’s – Electronic program. CLICK HERE for details.

How can extended family and friends help me with scrip?

Extended family or friends can buy scrip or become an eScrip, or Ralphs supporter. Please have your family and friends fill out a Scrip Program Agreement available on the St. Serra website. Have your family or friend select your family to support. This form must be submitted to the Scrip Coordinator for your family to get proper credit.

For Rebate Program questions, please contact our Rebate Program Coordinator at