Ralph's Program

St. Serra participates in Ralph's electronic program. It is another easy way to help increase your scrip rebate amount by simply registering online at www.ralphs.com. Please contact our Rebate Program Coordinator at rebate@serraschool.org with any questions.

To Register or Renew Registration for Ralph's:

Please go Ralphs.com>Community>Ralph's Community click on participant, and follow the easy steps to enroll. You may also call Ralph's at (800) 443-4438. St. Serra’s non-profit organization number is CL108.

IMPORTANT: Participants are required to register or re-register EVERY YEAR on September 1.

Procedure for Ralph’s Contribution Rebate Credit:

1. Log into www.Ralphs.com
2. Click "SIGN IN"
3. Enter your email address and password
4. Click on "Your Name" (Top right hand corner) and click on "My Account" in the drop down menu
5. Click on "Community Rewards" (left side of screen under "My Account")
6. You will see your earnings for previous quarter at the bottom of the page.
7. Send this page to the Rebate Coordinator by the due date published in SerraDipity. NOTE: The print out must show the name of the family (top right hand corner - automatically appears when you login) and the contribution amount (bottom right hand corner). To print, right click on your mouse and then click on "print" to see the print preview.   You will most likely need to use the "fit on one page" option or scale it down to show all the information above on one page.  Reports submitted with handwritten and/or missing information will not be processed. 

IMPORTANT: Due dates are published in SerraDipity well in advance of the due date, at least 3 weeks before.  As per Ralph’s guidelines, NO EXCEPTIONS will be made to reports received after the due dates published in SerraDIPITY and no retroactive credits will be issued.

Please note that rebate credits to your Educational Costs will be limited and subject to the continuation of Ralph’s providing participants’ with their individual contribution amount and by following the Serra procedures outlined above