Escrip Program


St. Serra participates in “eScrip”, an electronic scrip company. It is another easy way to help increase your scrip rebate amount. It offers an “online mall” of hundreds of vendor websites.



To register please go to, and follow the steps to create an account. St. Serra’s eScrip Group ID number is 136559531. Please contact our Rebate Coordinator at with any questions.

eScrip Online Mall:

Instead of going directly to your website of choice, you will go to, find the website if available, and click. You will be redirected to the vendor website, but the click through will track your earnings.

eScrip Dining:

Register your credit/debit cards on to participate in “eScrip Dining”. Any time you dine at a participating restaurant and use the credit/debit card you registered, you automatically earn rebates.


IMPORTANT: Rebates from eScrip are reported to St. Serra on a monthly basis, and 2-3 months behind our scrip year. This means that rebates earned in April, May and sometimes, March will be credited to the following scrip year.