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PTO President Letter
July 2019

St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is such an amazing part of our lives.  We are blessed to be able to give our children the gift of a Catholic education.  Since our school opened in 1995, the St. Serra community has been connected by the strength of our faith. This strength has propelled us from serving 250 students to now over 1,000 students and their families.  As parents of this incredible school, we are called to serve and share our talents.  Through our efforts of servant leadership, God enriches our lives with the friendship and spirit of amazing people.  Our community strengthens and grows by every person that steps onto the St. Serra campus.

The Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is clearly a partnership between parents and teachers to give our students the best possible education experience.  Our events focus on building community, providing outreach and faith enrichment to our neighbors, and raising funds to keep tuition affordable for every child that wants to experience a Catholic education. 

This year we adopt the theme of Grace. The wings of God's great GRACE carried us 25 years...our deep faith propels us forward, Siempre Adelante.  “For by GRACE you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing, it is the gift of God.” Ephesians 2:8

The PTO board, the room parent teams, fundraising committees, and all parent volunteers have an incredible impact on the success of our students and the future of our school. 

Thank you for volunteering with us this year.  You are a child’s faith discovered, you are a hero to a family in need of assistance, and you are the person that will allow this community of faith to be forever Serra Strong!

Thank You and God’s Blessings,

Allie Bertocchini

2019-20 PTO President

PTO At-A-Glance

The St. Junipero Serra Catholic Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) oversees many fundraisers, events, activities and groups which benefit all students at SJSC. See our PTO Events and Programs page for current PTO happenings.

These annual events support the SJSC operating budget and help keep educational costs affordable for all.

  • Golf Classic - Adult-only golf tournament, dinner and silent auction. Traditionally held in the Fall.
  • Harvest Festival - Harvest-themed family event held on St. Serra’s campus in the Fall, featuring entertainment, games, rides, music, and lots of food!
  • Anchor Ball - SJSC’s largest fundraiser of the year, usually held in the Spring. This formal, adult-only event includes dinner, silent auction, live auction, music, dancing and various opportunity drawings.



Community Building Events:

Focused on bringing families together in fellowship and strengthening our community through fun-themed events that also support our fundraising efforts.

  • Back to School Meet and Greet & Volunteer Fair
  • SerraStrong Event
  • Family Nights Out
  • Santa’s Secret Christmas Shop
  • Book Fair
  • Serra Social Club
  • Father/Daughter Dance
  • Mother/Son Event
  • Heart Run

Outreach Ministries:

Serves our parent community through specialized ministries.

  • SerraStrong in Prayer: Partners in Prayer, Prayer Requests, Parent Rosary
  • Welcome Ministries: Ambassador Program, Serra Bear Greeters
  • Parent Faith Formation: Lenten Retreat, Spiritual Support Materials
  • Assistance Ministries: Serra Cares Ministry, Adopt-A-Family, SerraServes


Teacher, Classroom and School Support:

Provides the crucial link between St. Serra parents and their teachers, including the organization and coordination of parent volunteer help in the classrooms.

  • Room Parent Coordinators (RPC’s) - Coordinates the efforts of our Room Parents and Classroom Project Coordinators across all grade levels, while being voting members of the PTO Board.
  • Teacher Appreciation Week- One week each year in which the entire SJSC Community comes together to show appreciation for all that our teachers do for our children.
  • Staff Treat Days – Hosted three times a year. Day of appreciation for all St. Serra staff coordinated and planned by groups of RPC’s and related Room Parents coordinating parent’s efforts.


PTO Board

PTO Leadership 2018-2019




2019-2020 PTO Board Members


We are excited to welcome the 2019-20 SJSC Parent Teacher Organization Board! Thank you for answering the call to serve our St. Serra community as part of this blessed ministry! If you'd like to get more involved in PTO, please contact PTO President Elect, Allie Bertocchini at


Congratulations to our 2019-2020 PTO Board Members:

PTO President - Allie Bertocchini   

President Elect - Laura MacCartie

Parliamentarian - Shannon O’Connor

VP Outreach Ministries - Dana Maas

VP Volunteers - Alecia Hedge

VP Donations - Shelly Soenen

VP Golf/Book Fair - Melissa Regan       

VP Harvest Festival/Heart Run - Cynthia Mellow 

VP On Campus Events - Melissa Singleton

VP Serra Social Club - Melissa Brown                                          

VP Anchor Ball - TBA

VP Serra Spirit Shop - Lisa Cavanaugh

VP Community - Elena Goodrich

VP Parent/Child - Heather Ward

VP Communications - Mary Broomfield

VP Lunch Programs - Tina Clarence          

PTO Secretary - Lea Martone

PTO Treasurer - Cristen Lebsack

PTO Hospitality - Jaclyn DeFazio

LEAD Room Parent Coordinator Mentor - Megan Hayden

Lead RPC PS-K - Nikki Sunyich

RPC PS - Christine Trautmann

RPC TK - Christina McGahan

RPC Kindergarten - Nichole VerBerg

Lead RPC 1-4 - Gwenne Kooman

RPC 1st Grade - Liz Farris

RPC 2nd Grade - Charise Medeiros

RPC 3rd Grade - Jen Galonsky

RPC 4th Grade - Lisa Zawistoski

RPC 5th Grade - Stephanie Angelos                      

Lead RPC 5-8 - Kay Relvas

RPC 6th Grade - Heidi Paolone

RPC 7th Grade - Jill Kopeny

RPC 8th Grade - Shannon Johnson   

Lead Ambassador - Mich Todd

Past Presidents

2018-2019 Shannon O'Connor

2017-2018 Dana Maas

2016-2017 Cristen Lebsack

2015-2016 Teacia Andrew

2014-2015 Joyce Stinson

2013-2014 Holly Schwartz

2012-2013 Sarah Doyle

2011-2012 Lori Kilander

2010-2011 Sally Palmer

2009-2010 Jill Noriega

2008-2009 Linda Baldy

2007-2008 Mary Mack

2006-2007 Barb Pinter

2005-2006 Kathaleen Gonzalez

2004-2005 Janet Chermack

2003-2004 Marjorie Trujillo

2002-2003 Michelle Lencioni

2001-2002 Anna Salvatore

2000-2001 Kyle Van Boom

1999-2000 Sally McLeod

1998-1999 Teri Sanchez

1997-1998 Christine Ankenman

1996-1997 Diane Cochrane

1995-1996 Diane Cochrane

Board Elections


Thank you to everyone who submitted nominations for the 2019-20 PTO Board and for those who have heard the call to service! We are blessed to have an involved community of parent leaders at SJSC!

The nomination process has closed and the PTO Board has been set for the 2019-20 academic school year.



Please contact PTO President, Allie Bertocchini, at

By Laws


St. Junipero Serra Catholic School PTO serves as a supportive body representing all St. Serra parents and teachers, offering relevant and cooperative assistance to the school through non-fundraising and fundraising events.

View the BYLAWS for a more thorough description of our Organization

St. Junipero Awards

Since 1997, SJSC has honored parent volunteers with the ST. JUNIPERO SERRA OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD. This prestigious honor is for parent volunteers who have blessed our community with dedication and hard work above and beyond the required volunteer commitment over many years. They represent "Stewardship in Action!" Potential recipients are nominated by SJSC parents, faculty and staff. 

Our ST. JUNIPERO SERRA OUTSTANDING SERVICE AND CHRISTIAN LEADERSHIP AWARDS will be presented at our Volunteer Recognition Event held in the St. Serra Chapel on campus at the end of the school year.

Myth Busters:

1."This is a PTO award." While the process is facilitated by the PTO, this award is for any/all parents in the SJSC community.

2."Surely this parent will be nominated!" Not necessarily! If everyone thinks this, but no one actually submits a nomination, then that volunteer will not be eligible, as a nomination is required.

3."I volunteered so many hours last year but I didn't win." This is a cumulative award. We look for candidates who have consistently given of their time in a multitude of areas over the course of their many years at SJSC.

CALL TO ACTION: We will be opening nominations (date TBA) and will keep it open for a majority of the school year! As events and volunteering take place (around campus, on the field, in the classroom) and you notice a “stand out” volunteer, please take a few minutes to complete the online NOMINATION FORM for at least one parent who has blessed our community with their dedication and hard work this year. St. Serra appreciates all of our parent volunteers, and this is a wonderful opportunity to recognize those who have done an outstanding job!

All online nominations must be submitted by (2020 due date TBA).

Volunteer Award Reception and Prayer Service
In June 2020, we will celebrate volunteerism with our inaugural Volunteer Award Reception and Prayer Service.  Mark your calendar for this beautiful celebration recognizing those who give of their time and talents to bring JOY to our community.     

Parents who log 100 plus hours of service will be invited to attend this first annual event. Please log your hours through the SERVICE HOURS PARENT PORTAL.

Questions?  Contact PTO Parliamentarian, Shannon O'Connor at


Award Guidelines

In one or more of the following areas, the award candidate will have:
Exceeded the minimum service hours as set forth by the school.
Developed the unique potential of students spiritually, academically, physically, psychologically, and/or socially.
Demonstrated a Catholic faith-filled life and missionary spirit by:
Providing students with a deep embedded value-centered Christian lifestyle as a model for their own behavior.
Volunteering his/her talents, presence and suggestions for the meaningful success of an activity, program or event.
Encouraging participation in school programs and supporting them by their presence.
Encouraging and supporting school programs as a means of building community.
Instill in children a positive self-image by:
Leading them to a sense of personal self-worth and self-respect.
Introducing them to the life-long habit of being responsible to set and achieve goals.
Demonstrated respect for others and shared his/her God-given gifts with others by:
Valuing each human life as loved by God and gifted with his life.
Instilling concern for the lonely, poor, sick, aging, and weak members of the local and world community.
Modeling what it means to be an informed, responsible citizen respecting rights, and enjoying privileges.

Previous Award Recipients


Jennifer & Tom Brooks ~ Diane & Larry Cochran
Pat & Bill Kaszton ~ Audrey Tellers ~ Kyle & Joel Van Boom


Lynn Caulfield ~ Cindy & Jim Chiuminatta ~ Claire Pelaez


Anthony Abowd ~ Karen Como ~ Debbie Dubeau ~ Valerie Wheeler


Donna Barnecut ~ Wayne Dupre ~ Irene Hutton ~ Karen Sinkey
Karen & Phil Sirianni ~ Marjorie Trujillo


Kathy & Steve Brandlin ~ Celeste & Eric Couch
Debbie Farinella ~ Oonagh & Ralph Linzmeier ~ Debi Martin
Diana Myers ~ Teri Sanchez ~ Chris & Charlie Vogelheim


Michelle Lencioni ~ Bill Todd ~ Pam Heckman ~ Marti Longo
Julie Canning ~ Gigi & Paul Scheper ~ Cindy Cain
Jo & Michael Nader ~ Lee Groener


Wayne Peterson ~ Richard Heim ~ Chris Trujillo
Anna Salvatore ~ Donna & Kary Yergler ~ Jeff Reiss
Darlene & Jon Friestedt ~ Teresa & Doug Humphrey


Mona Wilhelms ~ Tony Uzzi ~ Teresa Fullerton ~ Cheryl Devereux


Linda Baldy ~ Cliff Deller ~ Joe Dragan ~ Robyn Jankovich
Jeannie Richard ~ Mary & Joe Sanchez


Susan Armstrong ~ Brian & Sue Dolan ~ Kathleen Gonzalez
Dean & Maureen Krieger ~ Mary Mack ~ Rick & Michelle Ptak


Marc & Laura Carignan ~ Lori Imburgia ~ Mary Kate Marconi
Barbara Pinter ~ Jodi Sweet ~ Todd Ziemer


Bill Hays ~ Brett McCauley ~ Steve Muzzy ~ Carla Myers


Kari Andrakowicz ~ Becky Engel ~ Tara Essex
Mike Furlong ~ Michelle Halkett


Gino & Mary Cischke ~ Joan Gonzalez ~ Kent & Karen Hayden
Karin Hendrick ~ Carole Herzfeld ~ Nancy Hines ~ Randa Memo
Jill Noriega ~ Father Jim Dunning


Chris & Caroline Brahney ~ Lorrie Cabrera ~ Stephanie Callahan
Marisa Iadarola ~ Kim O'Donoghue ~ Sally Palmer ~ Ann Smith


Mike & Kim Caspino ~ Tracie Furlong ~ Angela Grant
Trudi McKenzie ~ Lynne Pantano ~ Kathy Plocher ~ Holly Schwartz


Robin Emanuel ~ Kim Gallaway ~ Lori Kilander
Sam & Janet King ~ Patty Loessberg ~ Carol Miller
Georgia Prukop ~ Joyce Stinson


Kathy Bonin ~ Jay Deubler ~ Sarah Doyle
Shari Keating ~ Al & Karen Reyes ~ Sharon Tracy


Noelle Chiasson ~ Melissa Driscoll ~ John & Melissa Fosdick
Monique Hastings ~ Doug & Megan Hayden ~ Dana Maas ~ Rebecca Yaghi


Teacia Andrew ~ Jeff & Anne Cova ~ Shannon O'Connor
Michele Polana ~ Suzanne Reyes ~ Michael & Alexandra Simon
Shannon Smaldino ~ Maria Suarez


Gina Christiansen ~ Meredith Giraudi ~ Matt & Carol Lawson
Cristen Lebsack ~ Kelly McCabe ~ Michael Pollock ~ Shelly Soenen ~ Thomas Wilkinson


Stephanie Angelos ~ Jamie Gorrell ~ Carrie Mulvee ~ Kay Relvas
Sandy & Steve Silva ~ Suzanne Tyler ~ Lisa & Alan Zawistoski


Lindsay Hakimi ~ Allie Bertocchini ~ Paul Steinberg ~ Courtnay Denault
Kristy Messer ~ Janice Tarwater ~ Mary Broomfield
Jill & Kevin Kopeny ~ Shannon & Jeff Johnson


2019-2020 School Year PTO Planning
Are you ready to say ‘Yes’ to Parent Leadership at St. Serra?

“As each one has received a gift, use it to serve one another as good stewards of Godʼs varied grace.” I Peter 4:10-11

Come join us!  We welcome you and your talents to join our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO).  We well underway with the planning process for the 2019-2020 school year, and look forward to partnering with our many creative and talented parents.

If you have a heart for planning community events, fundraisers, outreach, or parent child events, we want your leadership and help!  Our PTO Board members serve our school community by leading teams of parent volunteers and work in collaboration with the teachers and administration at monthly board meetings. 

Please e-mail Allie Bertocchini, PTO President, at, and let us know your interests and talents or if you are interested in chairing an event. Visit our PTO event pages to learn more.


For a more thorough description of St. Serra’s Parent Teacher Organization, please check out our current PTO BYLAWS. In addition, if you have any questions or need further information, please contact PTO President, Allie Bertocchini, at

PTO Board Meetings

We encourage every parent to attend our monthly PTO Board meetings held and to become involved with the St. Serra Community.

Our PTO events focus on building community, providing outreach and faith enrichment to our neighbors, and raising funds to keep educational costs affordable for every child that wants to experience a Catholic education.

PTO Meeting Dates for 2019-2020 School Year:

Thursday August 8, 9:30 a.m.
Thursday, September 5 9:15 a.m.
Wednesday, October 2 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, November 7 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, December 5 9:15 a.m.*
Thursday, January 16 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, February 6 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, March 5 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, April 2 9:15 a.m.
Thursday, May 14 9:15 a.m.
Monday, June 1 9:15 a.m.

Location: Parent Hub (*December 5th meeting will take place in Mrs. Trudell's Conference Room, due to Santa's Secret Christmas Shop event in the Parent Hub).