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Community Initiatives

Parent Volunteer Information

The recent implementation of the State Public Health Office Order of August 11 that requires all staff/volunteers who are on-site at a school campus or at an off-site school event with students present to either show proof of vaccination or provide a negative COVID test has raised many questions from our parents about volunteering.

Alternative Volunteer Opportunities 
For those parents who do not have the ability to volunteer on campus, choose not to provide a copy of their COVID-19 Vaccination Card, or do not wish to get a COVID test within 72 hours of volunteering at the school, we are offering some additional options this year which can count toward the 40 hour service requirement.
  • Volunteering at your parish = up to a maximum of 5 hours volunteer service credit
  • Volunteering with our Outreach Ministries at a Catholic Charity = up to a maximum of 5 hours volunteer service credit
  • Donation of a requested item(s) to an event(s) = 1 hour volunteer service credit per $25 value of donation, up to a maximum of 10 hours credit

There are also numerous ‘at home’ projects that we require help with at certain times of the year. Examples: Constructing bows for PTO gift-wrapping needs, cutting out paper hearts for Father Daughter Dance, collating/stapling packets, affixing labels on packets, etc.

Additional information about St. Serra volunteer service hours:
  • Volunteer hours must be logged by June 8, 2022 or you will be charged through FACTS for any unfilled hours at the rate of $15 per hour
  • You can buy-out volunteer hours at a rate of $15 per hour
  • There are opportunities to earn double hours for some shifts at certain events
  • Volunteer hours are non-transferable i.e. you cannot ‘donate’ them to another St. Serra family
  • Volunteer hours do not carry over to the following academic year
  • How to find volunteer opportunities:
    • St. Serra website (additional resources coming soon!)
    • St. Serra Sunday News
    • Consult your New Family Ambassador
    • Contact our PTO VP – Volunteers:

As a reminder, parents volunteering on campus or offsite where students are present, will need to complete the volunteer certification which includes fingerprinting (Live Scan), online Safe Environment Training, and proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test result. Parents volunteering in Preschool have additional requirements. More information is available here

COVID-19 Vaccine REQUIREMENTS for Schools (k-12)

Voice of St. Serra Parent Survey
The ‘Voice of Serra Survey’ is currently available and will close on Sunday, October 25. If more than one parent in your household would like to take the survey, the individuals must complete the survey on separate devices. The survey is only available to parents from our school community. The results will be shared with the Department of Catholic Schools, Diocese of Orange and with our St. Serra parent community on Monday, October 26. Thank you in advance for your participation in this survey.