Spiritual Life


St. Junipero Serra Catholic School continues to be a strong faith community centered in spirituality, prayer, and devotion to living the Gospel message. Our Catholic identity is woven into everyday life at school through the active involvement of students and the support and example of parents, administrators, teachers, staff, and alumni.

Our school community, joined by family and friends, comes together throughout the year to celebrate the gift of Christ. Serra students grow in faith, service, and character by participating in monthly school Masses and prayer services.

Students in grades 1-8, guided by their teachers, plan all aspects of the liturgies: They choose the Mass themes, write the Prayers of the Faithful, select the music, and prepare the readings of the day. Students also join in the liturgical celebration as readers, altar servers, cantors, ushers, and greeters, among other roles.

Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten students play an active role in their own special prayer services. Preschool students are also introduced to prayer and reflection within the classroom. They are invited to have quiet time to pray at the prayer table every week and are encouraged to pray with their friends.

This involvement brings our Catholic faith to life for students and inspires servant leadership and future participation in parish ministry.

In addition to the celebration of the Mass, students also participate in recitation of the Rosary each Monday, receive the sacrament of Reconciliation, reenact the Christmas Nativity and The Living Stations of the Cross, and coordinate various social justice and outreach projects.

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Serra Bear Prayer Partners

An important part of the St. Junipero Serra student experience is to stay spiritually connected as a community. Our students have been paired up this year with different grade levels to stay united as one and to lift up one another along the way. For the older students it provides an opportunity to practice role-modeling. For our younger students it provides support and encouragement knowing there is always someone on campus they can turn to. Students will gather several times throughout the school year to meet with their prayer partners to; attend mass, develop classroom outreach programs, participate in fun activities, and, of course, to pray!

Serra Bear Prayer Partners:

8th grade and 4th grade

7th grade and 1st grade

6th grade and 2nd grade

5th grade and 3rd grade