Welcome to St. Junipero Serra Catholic Preschool

The administration, faculty, and staff of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School are honored and humbled that you are considering our preschool as the spiritual and educational partner for your child. As stated in our mission, we are "inspired by the gospel values, and within a Christ-centered environment, we promote student success through programs that meet the diverse learning needs and unique potential of each child."

We are so excited  we have expanded our program to include Young 4's Program for children turning 4-years-old between September 1st and December 1st.

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The SJSC Admissions Team


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For questions regarding the preschool application process, please contact Megan Merrill, Enrollment Support Coordinator, at (949) 888-1990 ext. 219 or mmerrill@serraschool.org.            



Admission to St. Junipero Serra Catholic School

Preference in admission shall be given to practicing members of the four Catholic Parish communities: Holy Trinity, San Francisco Solano, Santiago de Compostela and St. Kilian. Parents must subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of the school.

New Students (Priority of Admission)

St. Junipero Serra Catholic Preschool will consider applications from outside our parish communities. Siblings of current students are given priority in admissions.

Formal Acceptance
Applications may be obtained from the St. Junipero Serra Catholic School website. Once the application is completed in its entirety and submitted to the Admissions Department, the Preschool Director will review all applications, meet the child while on a school tour, and determine that St. Junipero Serra Catholic Preschool can meet the needs of the student. Available openings will be filled based on the Priority of Admissions Policy as outlined below:

For Current Serra Families:  Siblings of families currently registered at St. Junipero Serra Catholic School.

For New Families:  Registered members of St. Kilian, San Francisco Solano, Holy Trinity or Santiago de Compostela, who actively participate in the life of their parish.

For Out of Parish Families:  Once applications from registered founding parish families have been reviewed, applications from families who are not registered with one of our four parishes or who are non-Catholic will be reviewed for consideration by the St. Junipero Serra Catholic School Admission Department and Preschool Director. A meeting with the school’s Chaplain may be required before a recommendation can be made.

The criteria for preschool admission are also based on three additional factors. First, all children must be three years old before entry into preschool. Second, children must be fully potty-trained. Finally, parents must subscribe to the school’s philosophy and agree to abide by the educational policies and regulations of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School and St. Junipero Serra Catholic Preschool.

Admissions Age Requirement

St. Junipero Serra Catholic Preschool provides programs for children 36 months to 60 months of age, as well as an extended care program before and after morning preschool classes. 

  • 3-Year-old Preschool program for children who are 3 years old and fully potty trained. 
  • Young 4's Preschool program for children who turn 4 years old between September 1st through December 1st. 
  • PreK program for children who are 4 years old. 

Student Learning Support Program

Every student is a child of God and is deserving of an opportunity to receive the best Catholic education possible. St. Junipero Serra Catholic School supports and complements the parents/guardians in their responsibility as the primary educators of their children. Our mission is to teach the gospel and to model Jesus Christ. Our primary goals are to assist students to grow into the fullness of life in Jesus, to be members of the community of believers, and to teach the redeeming message of God’s love. We strive to develop the whole child: physically, intellectually, morally, psychologically, socially and spiritually.

Recognizing that a Catholic School education should be available to all who desire it, St. Junipero Serra Catholic School strives to accept all students for whom an appropriate program can be designed and implemented.

The goals of our Student Learning Support Program are:

  • to serve as a Christ-like model in respecting each student as a unique gift of God
  • to recognize and respond to the learning styles and needs of each student and to develop the unique potential of each student
  • to create the most appropriate learning environment which will allow students to have as much success in all areas of the curriculum as possible, and to become productive members of the classroom
  • to provide for ongoing evaluation of each student’s program


Admissions Staff

Corey Overton
Director, Marketing & Enrollment
(949) 888-1990, ext. 180

Megan Merrill
Enrollment Support Coordinator
(949) 888-1990, ext. 219


Preschool Administration

Carol Reiss
Principal, Preschool to Grade 4
(949) 888-1990

Toni Botterill
Assistant to Principal,
Preschool to Grade 4
(949) 888-1990, ext. 166