Diocese of Orange Acceptable Use Policy

Diocese of Orange - Student Acceptable Use Policy

Effective performance of computer and telecommunications networks, whether local or global, relies upon end users adhering to established standards of proper conduct. In general, this requires efficient, ethical and legal utilization of network resources. Use of all school technology items and systems must be consistent with the educational objectives and mission of the Diocese of Orange.

Each student and parent or guardian shall sign an Acceptable Use Policy Agreement before gaining access to Serra Catholic School’s network system. Any student who fails to comply with the terms or this policy or the regulations developed by the Diocese of Orange may lose system privileges. Students may also be subject to disciplinary measures including appropriate legal action for violation of this policy or implementing regulations.

A. Illegal Activities

  1. No attempts to gain unauthorized access to accounts are permitted.
  2. Any type of vandalism or destruction is not permitted and will be strictly disciplined.
  3. Transmission of any material in violation of local, state or federal law is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: copyrighted materials, threatening or obscene materials, or material protected by trade secrets.
  4. Users will not plagiarize any materials from the Internet or any other electronic sources.
  5. Users will not attempt to circumvent or bypass filtering systems and firewalls.

B. System Security and Personal Safety

  1. Network accounts may be used only by the assigned authorized users.
  2. Passwords are to be kept private and not shared.
  3. Users will immediately notify the teacher in charge if they have identified a possible security problem or receive any messages that are inappropriate, offensive or make them feel uncomfortable.
  4. Personal information such as addresses, phone numbers, and financial information shall not be included in network communications.

C. Inappropriate Language

  1. Students will conduct themselves in a manner that is appropriate and properly represents Serra Catholic School while using any technology device and the Internet.
  2. Use of obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflammatory, threatening, or disrespectful language, and acronyms and abbreviations is expressly forbidden.
  3. Information will not be posted that, if acted upon, could cause damage or disruption to the learning environment or violate the teachings of the Catholic Church.
  4. Users will not harass or otherwise engage in personal attacks.
  5. Users will not participate in any form of cyber bullying.

D. Inappropriate Use of System

  1. Use of programs or resources for non-educational purposes is prohibited.
  2. Internet use for commercial purposes, financial gain, personal business, product advertisements, or political lobbying is prohibited.
  3. Users will not engage in spamming or other illicit computer activities.

E. Social Media and Other Technologies

  1. The Diocese of Orange does not support or approve of the use of social media under the age required limits set by the social media terms of service.
  2. Facebook and other social media sites are not a school function. As the primary educators of their children, it is the parents’ responsibility to monitor social media and its correct use. Social media should be aligned with and reflect Catholic values in content created and posted by the individual user.
  3. Should an issue regarding posts, comments, or other social media interactions be brought to the school’s attention, the school may exercise its right to administer disciplinary action for those involved.

Limitation of Liability

The Diocese of Orange and Serra Catholic School make no warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, for the service provided. The Diocese and School will not be responsible for any damages suffered while on the network and the Internet. These damages may include loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, or service interruptions caused by negligence, errors or omissions. The Diocese of Orange and Serra Catholic School specifically deny any responsibility for the accuracy or quality of information obtained through the Internet services. Further, the Diocese of Orange and Serra Catholic School are not responsible for any unauthorized charge or fee resulting from use of the school’s technology system.

Rights of Privacy

Students have no right of privacy and should have no expectation of privacy in materials sent, received or stored in the Serra Catholic School network, web-based subscriptions and/or technology devices used by the students.

Violations/ Due Process

The Diocese of Orange and Serra Catholic School will cooperate fully with local, state and federal officials in any investigation concerning or relating to any illegal activities conducted through the school’s network or any other school technology device. In the event that there is an allegation that a student has violated the Acceptable Use Policy, the student will be presented with the charges and provided an opportunity to present an explanation before further disciplinary actions are taken. Disciplinary actions will be tailored to meet the specific concerns related to the violation and to assist the user in gaining the self-discipline necessary to behave appropriately on an electronic network. Disciplinary actions are in accordance with the Serra Catholic School handbook and may include the following:

  • Removal from the network
  • Suspension/Expulsion
  • Law enforcement involvement

Search and Seizure

An individual search may be conducted when there is reasonable suspicion that the user has violated the law, or broken school handbook policies. The nature of the search/investigation will be reasonable and in keeping with the nature of the alleged misconduct as per the Acceptable Use Policy.

The Diocese of Orange and Serra Catholic School reserves the right to update and change the Acceptable Use Policy at any time. Your continued use of technology at Serra Catholic School implies your consent to such changes.