Backing up

Backing up the iPad

Backing up student work on the iPad is always a good idea, particularly before any updates as there is always the potential for the loss of data. Parents are encouraged to work with their students to ensure that their iPad is backed up before any updates and before any problems may require data to be restored.

Student iPads were set to have back-ups to iCloud turned on when they were configured. However, please note that iCloud will only automatically backup when the iPad is plugged in, locked, and connected to WiFi.

CLICK HERE to backup the iPad manually

CLICK HERE to backup the Notability app

CLICK HERE to archive your Google Drive

Backing up the Laptop

Students are encouraged to only work in Office 365, since documents will sync online. Photos and projects should also be backed up to Office 365, which is backed up by a third party software. Documents saved locally on the laptop will NOT be backed up and may be subject to loss in the event of damage to the laptop.