Grades 5-8

principal's message

Welcome to the St. Junipero Serra Catholic Middle School, grades 5-8. I feel honored and blessed to partner with you in providing the best Catholic education for your child. We are a Catholic school upholding the mission to educate our children to know and love Jesus Christ and His church. Through this lens, we empower a love for learning and self-discipline that is rooted in helping our children discover the unique gifts God has given them and more importantly, create a foundation within themselves to see how to use these gifts according to His will.

St. Junipero Serra’s Middle School is committed to academic excellence by providing faculty and curriculum best suited for the middle school learner. St. Serra’s highly qualified credentialed teachers are trained in differentiated instructional practices to meet each individual’s needs. In order to ensure this, St. Serra’s Middle School has specially designed a block waterfall schedule, giving students more concentrated instructional time with less transitions within English Language Arts (ELA), Math, Religion/Social Studies, and Science. Additionally, ELA Enrichment time has been added to ensure optimal time for silent and sustained reading and reading vocabulary development. A special modulating science block has been incorporated to include the NGSS Science curriculum and extended time in the Student Creativity Center for STEM and Makerspace projects. The waterfall schedule allows the blocks to move each day to ensure students encounter their classes daily, yet at a different time each following day. Within the waterfall block schedule, specialty classes include: Physical Education (2 times/week), Spanish (grade 5 1 time/week; grades 6-8 2 times/week), Music (1-2 times/week)  and Art (1-2 times/week).

In preparing our students for high school, college and the future workplace, St. Junipero Serra Catholic School stands strong with progressive technology and authentic learning approaches integrated into all subject areas. Each middle school student is equipped with a touch screen laptop for use in all subjects. ELA, math, and science utilize digital text programs with various student-accessible interactive learning tools, ensuring learning beyond the classroom walls. Various applications and adaptive programs are utilized in most subjects.  Authentic learning includes learning experiences that inspire collaboration, critical thinking, creativity and innovation. Activities include project-based learning, field trips (theatre, science camps, museums, etc...), grade-level retreats, and outreach projects. To view grade specific curriculum and activities, CLICK HERE .  

I want to welcome you to the St. Junipero Serra Catholic School family, and I sincerely look forward to meeting and working with you and your child.

In Christ,

Mrs. Alison Daley
Principal, Grades 5-8

Alison Daley

Mrs. Alison Daley
Principal , Grades 5-8