Third Grade Curriculum

Curriculum Overview


  • Sadlier, We Believe
  • Saint Report and Project
  • Integration of Religion into all areas of instruction

Four levels of instruction daily

  • McGraw Hill Reading Wonders ELA/Literacy program aligned to the Common Core ELA Standards
    • Encompasses Vocabulary, Grammar, Spelling, Composition, and Reading Comprehension through fictional, non-fictional, and informational text
    • Exposure to multiple literary skills and genres
  • Accelerated Reader Program – Personalized goals for independent reading practice
  • Read and comprehend complex literary and informational text.
  • Learn the writing process and integrate correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and sentence structure.
  • Apply grammar skills when writing narratives, opinion pieces, informative/expository texts, creative writing and book reports.
  • Daily Skill Reinforcement with Simple Solutions English Grammar Common Core
  • Library visits
  • Novel Study

Four levels of instruction daily

  • Pearson Realize enVision Math digital program aligned to the Common Core Math Standards
  • Daily Skill Reinforcement with Simple Solutions Common Core Math
  • Mind Institute Spatial-Temporal (ST) Math – supplemental, software games use interactive, graphically-rich animations that visually represent mathematical concepts to improve conceptual understanding and problem-solving skills.
  • Multiplication and Division Facts
  • Multiply and divide by 1-digit by 3-4 digit numbers
  • Problem solving strategies to solve word problems
  • Apply mathematics they know to solve problems in everyday life


  • Kinds of communities
  • Current events
  • Timelines
  • History of Orange County
  • Perform in the History of Orange County play
  • Simple Solutions supplementary workbook (history, economics, government, citizenship)


  • STEM Practices
  • NGSS Aligned Curriculum
  • Discovery Education Science Textbook
  • Hands-on experiments and Use of Technology
  • Adaptations of Living Things
  • Motion and Energy