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Student learning expectations

We aspire to provide the foundation for our students to become compassionate Catholic leaders of the future living our Student Learning Expectations (SLE) on a daily basis:

A Catholic, Christ-centered life that serves God and others:
  • Actively participates in the Catholic Church and sacramental life
  • Develops prayer as a conversation with Christ each day
  • Finds joy in serving and helping others
  • Lives and grows as a Disciple of Christ
An engaged and active life-long learner:
  • Develops effective listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • Contributes to group work through collaboration
  • Builds problem solving, goal setting, and risk-taking skills
  • Practices multiple ways to creatively solve a problem
  • Appropriately uses technology for learning and communicating
A respect and reverence for human dignity and diversity:
  • Learns to make Christ-like choices in words and actions
  • Communicates respectfully and compassionately
  • Appreciates and accepts each person’s differences
  • Applies gospel values to varied cultural matters
A passion to share and lead with one's God-given gifts:
  • Develops an awareness and appreciation for one's God-given gifts
  • Uses talents and time to give back to the church and greater community
  • Shows courage and humility in taking initiative to share one’s gifts with others
  • Shares God-given gifts to fulfill the corporal works of mercy  

Student Learning Expectations