Our Charism, Vision and Mission

Inspiring a deep faith, innovative mind, and caring heart through Christ...Siempre Adelante


St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is valued as an exemplary Diocesan Catholic Parish Elementary School located in South Orange County, California. Motivated by the teachings of Saint Junipero Serra, and the persevering spirit of our founding families, we prepare our students to live their Catholic faith as servant leaders of Christ.  Guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Junipero Serra students are encouraged to develop their God-given gifts and talents to meet the challenges of this ever-changing world.


Rooted in the Catholic faith, evangelical vision and spirit, the community of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School welcomes families from the parishes of Holy Trinity, San Francisco Solano, Santiago de Compostela, and St. Kilian, and surrounding communities. Inspired by the gospel values and in a Christ-centered environment we provide a nourishing community for students to develop their seeds of faith and gifts to live as true disciples and servants of Christ.  Our academic programs promote student success through a challenging and diverse curriculum meeting the varied learning needs and unique potential of the whole child.


Student Learning Expectations

We aspire to provide the foundation for our students to become compassionate Catholic leaders of the future living our Student Learning Expectations (SLE) on a daily basis:


A Catholic, Christ-centered life that Serves God and Others:

  • Actively participates in the Catholic Church and sacramental life
  • Develops prayer as a conversation with Christ each day
  • Finds joy in serving and helping others
  • Lives and grows as a Disciple of Christ

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An Engaged and Active Life-long Learner:

  • Develops effective listening, speaking, and writing skills
  • Contributes to group work through collaboration
  • Builds problem solving, goal setting, and risk-taking skills
  • Practices multiple ways to creatively solve a problem
  • Appropriately uses technology for learning and communicating

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A Respect and Reverence for Human Dignity and Diversity:

  • Learns to make Christ-like choices in words and actions
  • Communicates respectfully and compassionately
  • Appreciates and accepts each person’s differences
  • Applies gospel values to varied cultural matters

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A Passion to Share and Lead with one’s God given gifts:

  • Develops an awareness and appreciation for one’s God-given gifts
  • Uses talents and time to give back to the church and greater community
  • Shows courage and humility in taking initiative to share one’s gifts with others
  • Shares God-given gifts to fulfill the corporal works of mercy  

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