Our Charism, Vision and Mission

Inspiring a deep faith, innovative mind, and caring heart through Christ...Siempre Adelante

St. Junipero
Serra Catholic School is valued as a leading Diocesan Catholic Parish Elementary School located in South Orange County. Motivated by the teaching of Saint Junipero Serra and the persevering spirit of our founding families, we nurture our students to live and model their Catholic faith as servant leaders of Christ. Guided by the Holy Spirit, St. Junipero Serra students are encouraged to use their God-given gifts and talents to serve the challenges of this ever-changing world.

Rooted in the Catholic faith, evangelical vision and spirit, the community of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School welcomes families from the parishes of Holy Trinity, San Francisco Solano, Santiago de Compostela, St. Kilian, and surrounding communities. Inspired by the gospel values and in a Christ-centered environment, we promote student success through challenging programs that meet the diverse learning needs and unique potential of the whole child. We aspire to provide the foundation for our students to become compassionate Catholic leaders of the future living our Schoolwide Learning Expectations on a daily basis:

A Catholic Faith-filled Life and Missionary Spirit by:

-Recognizing God as the center of life
-Developing a prayerful relationship with God
-Demonstrating a commitment to the Church and its teachings
-Choosing to make morally resonsible decisions

A Life-long Love of Learning by:

-Exhibiting competency in basic skills
-Building critical thinking, problem solving , goal setting and study skills
-Utilizing technology for leaning and communicating
-Recognizing the aesthetic value of the Arts

A Reverence for One's Own Physical Being by:

-Respecting the holiness of the human body
-Accepting challenges confidently and competently
-Participating in a variety of physical activities

A Positive and Realistic Self-Image by:

-Humbly recognizing one's own strengths and limitations
-Accepting challenges confidently and competently
-Showing compassion for self

A Willingness to Share One's God-given Gifts by:

-Modeling Catholic values
-Appreciating and accepting cultural, social and scholastic diversity
-Participating in parish, school and community activities
-Caring for Creation