From the Shoulders of a Few…To the Shoulders of Us All

As our founding families instilled in us, it’s not about the bricks and mortar but what’s inside.

St. Junipero Serra is more than an educational institution—it is an extension of the family, our parishes, the Diocese of Orange and the Catholic Church. Together we create the environment that can best nurture, educate, protect and instill strong Catholic values into every child so that they will, in turn, become servant leaders in our communities.

The completion of our campus, with our current state-of-the-art facilities and a future chapel that will bring the Blessed Sacrament to campus and provide a quiet place of prayer and reflection for our students, only enhances our ability to do so.

We ask our families to leave their footprint making a positive impact on the children of today and the leaders of tomorrow and to continue to pray for our success.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our children, your most precious gift to us and for the beautiful things in life that are revealed to us through their eyes and hearts.

Thank you for the miracle of St. Junipero Serra Catholic School. We pray that, in your glory and with the generosity of the Serra community, our vision will be fulfilled.

Help each one of us to understand the importance of sacrifice and empower us to give openly from our hearts.

Please, Lord, bless all of us who believe that St. Junipero Serra Catholic School is one of your miracles, one that will blossom forever.

Please be with us as we continue to develop faith-filled leaders who will make a difference in our world. We know that each of us is needed in this effort to expand Catholic education.

Together, with your guidance, we know that all things are possible.