Record Service Hours


Please note that the Service Hours Parent Portal is currently closed in preparation for our end of year tallying and invoicing (5/1/16 to 4/30/17).

Families who missed or were unable to record their hours by April 30 will have one final opportunity to provide and return a written tally (to include: hours, description and date of volunteer hours) along with their final 2016-2017 Service Hours invoice.

Helpful hints:

  • Multiple hours under one entry: Families may record multiple hours (maximum of 30 per entry) under the same Activity/Event by entering the most recent date of service and add a description to include the date range of hours performed, see example below.

  • “Other” Activity & Event category: The Other category requires that you enter the details of hours performed in the Description field. Entries without a description will result in an Hours Submission Error.
  • Lunch/Recess Hours: Please DO NOT record any Lunch/Recess hours under this link. Lunch and Recess hours are tracked and recorded by the Lunch Supervision Program.

CLICK HERE to Record your Regular Service Hours

For questions, contact Francine Stotko, Data Analyst at or ext. 194.

Definition of St. Junipero Serra Service Hours:

St. Junipero Serra Service Hours is the completion of a volunteer task for a St. Serra sponsored activity or event. Hours are recorded on the honor system and are subject to review. Service Hours should be completed at the request of, or under the direction of, St. Serra Staff members or Parent volunteers who are responsible for a Serra activity or event.

Required Serra Service Hours Program:

St. Serra’s continued success relies on our parents' time, talent and treasure. To best manage these resources, each family is required to perform sixty (60) hours of service, including a Lunch/Recess Duty requirement and to commit their time for two of our major fundraisers. Each family is responsible for recording their Regular Service Hours online.

Number of Student(s)

Lunch / Recess Duty Required

Regular Service

Total Requirement

One Student

6 hours

54 hours

60 hours

Two or More

12 hours

48 hours

60 hours

Lunch/Recess Duty

Families who have not scheduled or bought-out of their required Lunch/Recess duties by October 31, 2016 will be invoiced at the rate of $15 per hour "times" the number of unscheduled hours. The fine for each Lunch/Recess "No-Show" will be invoiced at $30 per hour. Rescheduling will be limited to one (1) reschedule per duty date and will require 24-hour advance notification to the Yard Supervision Coordinator.

Regular Service Hours

Families who have not performed or bought-out of their required Regular Service Hours by April 30, 2017 will be invoiced at the rate of $15 per hour "times" the number of hours not completed.

Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Requirements:

Per Diocesan requirements, volunteers need to be fingerprinted through the Diocese of Orange and must complete the online Safe Environment training. These requirements must be met prior to any volunteering on campus. For further information, please email Gina Maricondo, Department Assistant for Safe Environment, or visit our Volunteer Requirements page under Parents.

CLICK HERE to visit the Fingerprinting and Safe Environment Page.

CLICK HERE to visit the Volunteer Opportunities Page

Online Recording of Family Regular Service Hours FAQ’s

For questions regarding your recording of Service Hours, please contact the Business Office at (949) 888-1990 ext-194.

who do I contact if I do not recall my login credentials?

Contact the Business Office at (949) 888-1990 ext-194

Do my hours automatically get recorded when I sign in as a volunteer at the School Office?

NO, volunteer hours are not automatically recorded when signing in at the School Office. It is each family’s responsibility to record their regular service hours online via the SJSC website home page under Quicklinks> Record Service Hours.

Can I record my Lunch/Recess hours on this online tracking?

NO, Lunch/Recess hours are recorded as performed and tracked separately by the Yard Supervision Program. This online tracking is for the recording of your Regular service hours only. For Lunch Duty scheduling inquiries, please contact Rosie Chavez, Yard Supervision Coordinator at or (949) 888-1990 ext. 140.

Do donated baked goods qualify for service hours?

Yes, your time for baking counts! Each dozen of donated homemade baked goods counts for one hour of service when requested by St. Serra for a specific Event or Activity.

After I review my Service Hours Summary Report, who do I contact in the event that I need to make a correction or have a question regarding the online submission of my regular service hours?

Contact Francine Stotko at or ext. 194.