St. Junipero Serra Catholic School

Outreach Ministries

….Where You Will Find The True Heart Of Our School.

Outreach Ministries is a very special part of our school where we connect our community with our faith. Our Catholic faith is the core of our identity and it defines who we are. It is through God’s grace that we are able to serve, encourage and help. Please join us in the many different avenues we offer to be a part of our faith-filled family, to come together in prayer, service and friendship, and to stand SerraStrong.

SerraStrong in Prayer

Partners in Prayer

Please join us as we pray for our fellow St. Serra families in need. Once a week you will receive an e-mail with prayer requests from families in our community. We ask that those who receive these e-mails pray for the needs and praise reports. If you would like to receive the e-mails or be a part of this ministry, please e-mail Anastacia Escoboza at

Prayer Requests

Prayer requests will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. If you would like the Partners in Prayer members and our Parent Rosary group to pray for you, your family or special intentions, please e-mail your name, the prayer request, how long you would like to remain on the list (if longer than three weeks), and if you will need meal assistance, to Anastacia Escoboza at

Parent Rosary

Everyone is welcome! If it has been a while since you last prayed the Rosary, we will help refresh your memory; or if you are unfamiliar with praying the Rosary, we will gladly teach you. It is a beautiful way to start your day. We meet on Fridays at the Blessed Virgin Mary statue in the middle school courtyard at 7:50 a.m. We also meet at 8:30 a.m. on school Mass days. For more information please send an e-mail to

Parent Faith Formation

A Moment in Time for Moms

What an amazing journey we have taken on this adventure of a new book study for St. Serra, “Am I Messing Up My Kids?”. Our first session ended on Tuesday, November 7.

SPECIAL THANK YOU’S TO: Dana Maas, for your leadership, wisdom and grace. All our AMAZING MOMS who joined us in fellowship, sharing your stories and breaking bread together (and who are NOT messing up their kids!!). Our amazing and beautiful speakers: Lori Kilander, Kris Peters, Dana Maas, Robin Emanuel and Patty Hamilton.Susan Armstrong and St. Kilian Church, for opening up your arms and facility to us. And, Mrs. Trudell and Mrs. Dubeau, for believing in us!

Mark your calendars! New book and session will begin on Tuesday, February 27, following our Lenten Retreat on Thursday, February 22.

Lenten Retreat

Save the Date! The 2018 Lenten Retreat will be held on Thursday, February 22nd. Every spring during the Lenten Season, the PTO presents a Lenten Retreat to renew, refresh and recall our faith and our call to be servants and followers of Christ. The retreat is open to all St. Serra parents and members of our four parishes and includes a light breakfast, inspirational speakers and time for fellowship. For more information about the Lenten retreat, please contact Kathy Bonin at

Spiritual Support Materials

A variety of Catholic media is available on campus to encourage, support and educate. This includes a compilation of Lighthouse Catholic Media materials, Dynamic Catholic materials, our local diocese and parish publications, and more. All items can be found in the School Office. For information, please contact

Assistance Ministries

**New** Serra Serves

As part of the new ministry Serra Serves, we will come together as a community to package hundreds of meals for those in need on March 24th, 2018. Bringing our community together again to serve...being grateful for what has been given to us and giving back to others – the foundation for which we are built on. For more information, please contact Lindsay Hakimi at

Serra Cares Ministry

Serra Cares assists St. Serra families who are in need because one or more family members are dealing with serious health problems (surgery, chemotherapy, long-term illness), have recently lost a loved one, or who have recently welcomed a new baby. In bereavement cases, the committee may assist with funeral arrangements, Rosary preparation, a post-memorial luncheon, carpooling and/or short-term meal coordination. In the case of a new baby or health problems, we may assist short-term meal coordination and/or carpooling. If you would like to help with this ministry or have a request, please contact Kathy Bonin at


Adopt-a-Family is our Advent Season Outreach Project coordinated by Carol Lawson and supported by PTO that benefits families selected by Catholic Charities. It is a wonderful, heart-warming program where we adopt approximately 45 families who would not have a Christmas without the help of our generous families here at St. Serra. For more information, please contact Carol Lawson at

VIEW the Adopt-a-Family webpage for all of the details.

If you have any questions or are interested in any of the Outreach Ministries, please contact PTO VP Outreach Kathy Bonin at