outreach ministries

PTO Outreach Ministries is the branch of PTO that promotes SerraStrong in faith and community! These are ministries that encourage families to pray with and for one another, welcome new families to St. Serra, and help people both in and around our SJSC community.

SerraStrong in Prayer

  • Partners in Prayer

Join us and pray for fellow St. Serra families and, by doing so, become closer to God. Once a week you will receive an email with prayer requests from families in our community. We ask that those who receive these emails pray for the needs and praise reports. If you would like to receive the emails or be a part of this ministry, please email Anastacia Escoboza at partnersinprayer@serraschool.org.

  • Prayer Requests

Prayer requests will remain anonymous unless otherwise specified. If you would like the Partners in Prayer members and the weekly Rosary group to pray for you, your family or special intentions, then please email your name, the prayer request, how long you would like to remain on the list (if longer than three weeks), and if you will need meal assistance to Anastacia Escoboza at partnersinprayer@serraschool.org. PRAYER REQUEST FORMS may also be left in the box in the School Office.

  • Parent Rosary

We are blessed to have a weekly Rosary group that gathers to pray the Rosary at the Blessed Mother statue near Extended Care. The group meets Friday mornings at 7:50 a.m. (immediately following the morning drop-off). Everyone is welcome! If it has been a while since you last prayed the Rosary, we will help refresh your memory; or if you are unfamiliar with praying the Rosary, we will gladly teach you. It is a beautiful way to start your day. On St. Serra Mass days we will gather at 8:45 a.m. so that we may attend Mass after praying the Rosary. For more information or to be added to the Parent Rosary communications please email Veronica Thompson at RVKLThompson@cox.net.

Welcome Ministries

  • Ambassador Program

The Ambassador Program matches all new incoming families with seasoned, experienced St. Serra families who will help welcome them to the St. Serra Community and navigate life on campus. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador, please contact our chairs Allison Finnegan, Candace Purvis and Cheryl Redfern at ambassadors@serraschool.org.

  • Serra Bear Greeters

During the first week of school, our new families can locate a St. Serra Bear anywhere along the carpool lines. These Bears will find Ambassadors, PTO members and Student Council members to help children feel welcomed and to accompany them to their classes.

Parent Faith Formation

  • Lenten Retreat

Every spring during the Lenten season, the PTO presents a Lenten Retreat to renew, refresh and recall our faith and our call to be servants and followers of Christ. The retreats are open to all St. Serra parents and members of our four parishes and include a light breakfast, inspirational speakers and time for fellowship. For more information about the Lenten retreat, please contact Robin Torriero at pto-outreach@serraschool.org.

  • Spiritual Support Materials

A variety of Catholic media are available on campus to encourage, support and educate. This includes a compilation of Lighthouse Catholic Media materials, Dynamic Catholic materials, our local diocese and parish publications, and more. All items can be found in the School Office. For information, please contact pto-outreach@serraschool.org.

Assistance Ministries

  • Serra Cares Ministry

Serra Cares assists St. Serra families who are in need because one or more family members are dealing with serious health problems (surgery, chemotherapy, long-term illness), have recently lost a loved one, or who have recently welcomed a new baby. In bereavement cases, the committee may assist with funeral arrangements, Rosary preparation, a post-memorial luncheon, carpooling and/or short-term meal coordination. In the case of a new baby or health problems, we may assist short-term meal coordination and/or carpooling. If you would like to help with this ministry or have a request, please contact Robin Torriero at pto-outreach@serraschool.org.

  • Adopt-a-Family

Adopt-a-Family is the Advent season outreach project coordinated by PTO that benefits 40 families selected by Catholic Charities. For more information, please contact Carol Lawson at mandc_lawson@yahoo.com.

If you have any questions or are interested in any of the Outreach Ministries, please contact PTO VP Outreach Robin Torriero at pto-outreach@serraschool.org.