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Annual Fund > Thank you to our generous 2015-2016 contributors!

Thank you to our generous 2015-2016 contributors!

Thank You to Our 2015-2016 
Annual Fund Contributors!


John Albano

Dennis and Faith Agius*
Nick and Jeannine Alivojvodic
Erwin and Kate Allado *


Martin and Julianne Almao

Christina Andreini
Abel Antonio
Peggy Armenta *

Candice Aubuchon*
Shannon Baine *

Kevin and Sondra Ballinger*
Jenny E. Banegas *
The Barazin Family
Bob and Charlene Barton *

The Basciano Family*


The Bays Family*
Joleen Bassett *

Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Bastone
Peter and Joanne Beal *
Michelle Becerra

The Beckman Family

RJ and Joanna Bear
Annoymous *

Tom Bennett
Bielkevicius Family
Bryson and Breanna Bisuna *
Hope Blain
Patricia Blain *

Greg and Julie Bonam*
Mary Ann Bortman *
Mark and Toni Botterill Family *
Julie Bower

Eric and Natalie Boyd

Thomas and Maria Boyd

Shohreh and Mehran Bozorgmehri

Lori Haskell Bradford
Rich and Sara Brakke *

Jonathan and Mary Broomfield
Patricia Brown In Memory of Gary and Alysia Brown

The Buchheim Family*

Kim and Dan Burke*

Amy Burmood
Victor and Ellen Burrola *

Hitz and Donna Burton

Todd and Casandra Buser

Sheri and Marion Butterfield
Marty and Stephanie Callahan *
Richard, Renee and Ryan Campbell *
Jun and Jannet Canaveral*
Annoymous *

The Calapis Family

The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation

Nathan Carmody
The Carpino Family *
Michael and Vicki Cassidy *
William Catey *
Bob and Rosie Chavez *

Judi Chavez, in Honor of Juan Cruz Morales

Colleen and Eric Christensen
Brian and Gloria Clifton *
Jane Cone *

Franklin and Melanie Contreras
Marco and Christy Cortez


David and Denise Cunningham*
Ed and Julie Cunningham *


The Darienzo Family
Chelsea Davidson *

Paul and Diane De Groot

Dennis and Cheryl Devereaux

William and  Amy Diaz*
The Dilao Family *

Roberto and Angelina Dimayuga*
The Do Family *
Robin Doherty *
Daniel and Sarah Doyle *
David and Magdalena Drakeford *
Mark and Debbie Dubeau *

Anthony and Rachelle Dufault*
Father Jim Dunning *

The Durham Family

Tim and Christa Elkins
Melisa Ellis

The Enyeart Family *

Brian and Barb Erhardt
Angela Escudero
Kathy Evans *
Minoo Fazeli

Jess and Robin Feathers*
The Fennimore Family


Tim and Carissa Fetters
Elizabeth Fiore *

Marcellus and Lissette Fisher
Richard and Catherine Fleming *
Kate Forrester*
Daniel and Barbara Franz *

John and Stephanie Fuhrman
FUJIFilm Recording Media, USA

Andy and Michele Fujimoto*
Dan and Connie Fulwiler *

Darren and Kimberly Gallaway*

Ron and Jennifer Galonsky

Edward and Johanna Garcia
Jessica Garcia

John and Laura Garcia, In Memory of Jane Garcia

The Gevorkian Family*

Jim and Grace Ghelfi *

Elizabeth Gonda
Dave and Elena Goodrich *

Ms. Gonda
Jamie Gorrell *
Brock Gozbak
The Graham Family *
Diana Graves *

Renald and Lucie Gregoire
Jack and Debbie Griffith
Adam and Nicola Grismer *
Mr and Mrs. Frank Guzman *
Jeff and Linday Hakiki *

Mitchell and Lica Handa*
The Hardenburgh Family *

The Harling Family

Christine Haskell

Joseph and Carrie Haupt*
The Hawks Family *

Joe and Daisy Hayashi

Doug and Megan Hayden*

Robert Hebner, In Memory of Deborah C. Hebner
Shadi Hemmati, In Memory of Saralee Sheehan

Edwin and Karin Hendrick*
Jose and Kathy Hernandez
Mansueta Hipol, In Memory of Rogelio Hipol
Tom and Michelle Hoey *
Ken and Sharon Hoffman*
Brian and Mary Hogan and Family *

Joseph and Christina Holland

Paul and Maureen Hua*

Mel and Marybeth Hudson*
Julie Hunt *
Marilyn Hunt *
Erin Husli *


Patrick and Lori Imburgia

The Issa Family*

Natalie and David James

Anthony and Vivian Jenkins
The Joines Family *
Amy Jons

Brendan and Stacey Kane, in Memory of Vladimir Moulshev*

Mike nad Kim Karney

Robert and Cynthia Kennedy *

The Kenner Family*
Gina and Kevin Kerley *

Sami Khalaf
Insung Kim *

Alexander Kim
Karina King
Jaeanne King *

Laura and Dave Klement*

The Kooman Family

Debra Kovacs*

Dennis and Andrea Kozak*

Bryan and Annie Kretzmer
The Krotine Famly *

Walter Ladage, in Memory of Jeanne Ladage*

The Laster Family

The Lattanzio Family*

Deanna and Robert Lau*

Dan and Dawn Lauriano
Stephanie Leavey *

The Lebsack Family*
Jean Leet *
Tim and Dina Leland *
Christopher and Tina-Marie Lesko
Jennifer Lewis *
Marti Longo *
Jesse Lopez *
Paty lopez
The Lozinski Family *
Mario Luna
Jennifer Lynch *
Paul and Debi Mackey *
Lauren Maddaloni *

Wilburn and Shireen Malone
Marisa Mascorro

Mary Massery
James and Christine Matthews

Jack and Fiona Mayes
Camille Mazloomian
The McCabe Family*
The McCarron Family *

Suzette McCauley *
The McGee Family *
The McGibbons Family*
Monica McLean
Anonymous *
Dan and Shirley Merchant *
The Merrill Family *


The Messmer Family
Rick and Stephanie Michel*


John and Katie Minardi

Valerie Miske *
James and Jessica Miyashiro
Steve and Vanessa Modry *
Melinda and Tony Moiso
Eileen Montero *
Anonymous *
Gerald and Shannon Mooney*

Kathy and Greg Moore
Ronald and Teri Mostero

The Mostero Family*
Casey and Kathleen Muldoon *

The Mulvee Family*

Kelly Murphy *
Diana Myers *
Irene and Rob Nagel

Isabella Nagy
Kari Namisniak
Gloria Napoli *
Tony Napoli *
Mario Nava
Anonymous *

Michael and Cora Neilon*

Mike and Katie Nicholson

Doug and Tracy Nock*
George and Anne Nuttal *

The Obergfell Family*
Elizabeth Oh *

The O'Henely Family

Francisco and Margie Orellana
Anonymous *

Shannon Orsini
Corey Overton *
Jordan Owens
The Tim Owens Family *
Wayne and Cindy Owens*
TeamParkerUSA.com, In Memory of Ronald Edward Smith, M.D. *

Rod and Gabrielle Peloquin*
Wayne and Sylvia Peterson


Christopher and Sharon Poli*

Carmen Ponce

Gabriel and Monica Porchas

The Ptak Family
Raymond and Marlane Puzio
The Que Family *
John and Lori Quigley

Richard and Satina Quinteros
Minrrod Quiroz
Vivianna Qumsia*
Julie and Sean Radzai *

The Rahnama Family
Anonymous *

Vince and Carla Ramirez*
Sheela Rao *

Matthew and Melissa Regan
Lisa Reis *
Jeff and Carol Reiss *

Kay and Tony Relvas
Paul and Rebecca Renna *
Brian and Cari Reyes *

The Richard Family

Andrew and Jennifer Riordan
Alex and Mary Rivera *

Mr. and Mrs. Rivera
Jose Rivera

Patty and George Roberts

Jeoff and Betsy Robinson*
Mario and Robin Rodini *

Darryl and Sally Salazar *

Christopher and Stephanie Sanchez

Michael and Kristine Sarrao*
Schafer Family

Greg and Rana Schirmer*
Joanne and Mark Schroeder
 Christine Schultz *
The Schuster Family*
Michael and Holly Schwartz *
Peter and Brenda Scialdone *
Melissa Sexton
Vigi Shannon *
Mike and Colleen Shepard *
The Sherak Family

The Sherman Family
Jim and James Sifers *

Steve and Sandy Silva*
Kimberley Smith *
Heather Smith *
Francine Stotko

Kenny and Halina Sullivan


Alison Tessier *
Tammy Thilken
Elizabeth Thomas *
Roger and Veronica Thompson
Anonymous *
Anonymous *
Shannon Tinsley
Clay and Julis Tipton
Anonymous *
Jenny Todesco *

Lynn Bacily-Tong
Kyle and Kathy Tonokawa *

The Torriero Family*
Jose Trejo 
Richard and Julie Tritz*
Mr.and Mrs. Alan Trudell *
Rick and Susan Turner*
Richard and Louise Valdez *

Juan Vargas*
Anonymous *
Monica Venetos *

The Villarreal Family*
Steve and Stephanie Wagner *

The Waken Family*


Shayne and Mark Webster
Wells Fargo Foundation *
Jacki White *
Karen Wilcox *
Bridget Wilhelm, In Memory of Saralee Sheenan
Diana Wilkinson
Gregory and Deborah Wille *

Mr. and Mrs. Williams
Jessica Wolf
Anonymous *
Don and Debbie Woods*


Workday, Inc.
Ray and Mary Wysmierski

Emad and Elizabeth Youakim

Aaron and Joan Younkin*

Alan and Lisa Zawistoski
Lynn Zettle *

Jerry Jihao Zhou


Gary ang Christinia Zager
The Ziemer Family * 



*Denotes generous contributor for 3 consecutive years.