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Serra Catholic Elementary School

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Annual Fund
Thank You to Our
2014-2015 Annual Fund Contributors!

John Albano *
Anonymous *
Abel Antonio
Peggy Armenta *
Mamdouh and Christine Atia
Candice Aubuchon *
Tom and Shannon Baine*
Jenny E. Banegas
Bank Of America
Bob and Charlene Barton *
The Basciano Family
Joleen and Cy Bassett *
Peter and Joanne Beal *
Anonymous *
Bielkevicius Family
Bryson and Breanna Bisuna
Patricia Blain *
Greg and Julie Bonam *
MaryAnn Bortman *
Toni and Mark Botterill & Family *
Julie Bower
Shohreh & Mehran Bozorgmehri
The Breit Family
Patricia Brown 
The Buchheim Family *
Kim & Dan Burke
Victor and Ellen Burrola *
Charlie and Melanie Bush *
William and Jennifer Caison, In Honor of Katie and Emily
The Callahan Family
Richard, Renee and Ryan Campbell *
Robert and Mary Campos
Jun and Jannet Canaveral *
John and Joanne Carey
Michele and Joe Carey *
The Carpino Family *
William Catey
Celtic Leasing
Bob and Rosie Chavez *
The Chiasson Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chu, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Brian & Teresa Chung *
Gino and Mary Cischke *
Brian and Gloria Clifton *
James and Doe Cole 
Scott and Jane Cone
Ron and Barbara Conrad
David and Denise Cunningham *
Mr. Michael Cunningham, 2011
Chris and Nichole Curtis *
Chelsea Davidson
Rowelyn Dela Cruz
Genevieve Denault
The Do Family *
James and Robin Doherty *
Daniel and Sarah Doyle *
Mark and Debbie Dubeau *
Anthony and Rachelle Dufault *
James and Sheryl Dufficy *
Father Jim Dunning
Dennis and Karen DuPerault, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
ecoATM, Inc. 
Kraig and Tess Enyeart
Bob and Kathy Evans *
Minoo Fazeli
Elizabeth Fiore
Richard and Catherine Fleming *
Kate Forrester *
Anonymous *
Nichole and Alex Frank, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Daniel and Barbara Franz *
FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA
Andy and Michele Fujimoto *
Dan & Connie Fulwiler
Ron and Jennifer Galonsky
The Gevorkian Family *
Anonymous *
Randy and Joan Gonzalez *
Dave and Elena Goodrich
Brock Gozbak
The Graham Family *
Diana Graves *
Adam and Nicola Grismer *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guzman *
Jeff and Lindsay Hakimi
The Hardenburgh Family *
Kathleen and Richard Hardy 
Christine Haskell
Joseph and Carrie Haupt *
The Hawks Family *
Joe and Daisy Hayashi
Doug and Megan Hayden *
Edwin & Karin Hendrick *
Nancy Hines
Thomas and Michele Hoey *
Brian and Mary Hogan and Family *
Richard and Laura Hoisington *
Mel and Marybeth Hudson *
Julie Hunt *
Marilyn & Bill Hunt *
Erin Husli *
Marisa Iadarola
Anonymous *
Glen Inducil
Jeff and Shannon Johnson *
The Joines Family *
Robert and Cynthia Kennedy *
Gina and Kevin Kerley *
Alexander Kim
Insung Kim *
Jaeanne King
Laura and Dave Klement *
Dennis and Andrea Kozak *
The Krotine Family *
Ed and Peggy Krupps 
Walter Ladage, In Memory of Jeanne Ladage *
Ken and Suzanne Landry *
Deanna and Robert Lau *
Gregory and Stephanie Leavey *
The Lebsack Family *
Jean Leet 
Anonymous (Donated of behalf of staff who did not donate)
Tim and Dina Leland *
Jennifer Lewis *
Jessica Loebbecke, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Marti Longo
Jesse Lopez *
The Loungarikis Family *
The Lozinski Family *
Mario Luna
Anonymous *
Paul and Debi Mackey *
Lauren Maddaloni *
Gina Marie Maricondo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matsukane *
The McCabe Family *
The McCarron Family *
Suzette McCauley *
The McGee Family *
Monica McLean 
Anonymous *
Dan and Shirley Merchant *
The Merrill Family *
The Messer Family *
Jeff and Carol Miller *
Ken and Linda Miller *
Valerie Miske *
James and Jessica Miyashiro
Steve and Vanessa Modry 
Melinda and Tony Moiso
Christy Monge *
Roger and Eileen Montero
Kathy and Greg Moore
The Mostero Family *
Casey and Kathleen Muldoon *
Carrie and Patrick Mulvee *
Anonymous *
Diana Myers
Kari Namisniak 
Gloria Napoli *
Anthony Napoli
Mario Nava
Michael and Cora Neilon *
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nilsen
Anne and George Nuttall *
The Obergfell Family
Elizabeth Oh
Kerri Olivieri *
Anonymous *
Corey Overton 
The Tim Owens Family *
Wayne and Cindy Owens *
Rafael Pelayo
Rod and Gabrielle Peloquin
Sharon and Ken Philip *
Thomas and Carissa Podesta
Drew and Michele Polana *
Mike and Kathy Pollock *
Pete and Kari Polusky *
The Que Family *
Julie & Sean Radzai *
The Rahnama Family
Sonia S. Ramirez *
Vince and Carla Ramirez *
Sheela Rao *
The Ready Family *
Antonio and Lisa Reis
Jeff and Carol Reiss *
Tony and Kay Relvas *
Paul and Rebecca Renna *
Brian and Cari Reyes *
Saul and Suzanne Reyes *
Manuel and Patty Rivas *
Alex and Mary Rivera *
Jose Rivera 
Mario and Robin Rodini *
Dorothy Rosier
Darryl and Sally Salazar *
Jade Sammy
Al and Kathleen Sandfort *
The Terri Savage Family *
Christina Schultz * 
The Scialdone Family *
Vigi Shannon *
Saralee and Patrick Sheehan *
Mike and Colleen Shepard *
Jim and Janess Sifers *
Steve and Sandy Silva*
Ken and Thea Slingland *
Christopher and Ann Smith
Heather Smith *
Kim Smith *
Susan and Tim St. John *
Francine Stotko *
Tarwater Family *
Alison Tessier *
Beth Thomas *
Anonymous *
Anonymous *
Giovanni and Jenny Todesco *
Kyle and Kathy Tonokawa *
Frank and Robin Torriero *
Jose Trejo
The Tritz Family *
Angie Trudell *
Chris and Marjorie Trujillo
Rick & Susan Turner
Suzanne and John Tyler *
† Kevin W. Vann
Richard and Louise Valdez *
Antonio Vazquez 
Anonymous *
Monica Venetos
The Villarreal Family
Todd and Chere Vought *
Phyllis Vranesh
Stephen Wagner & Family 
Wells Fargo Foundation *
Mark and Jackie White *
Karen Wilcox *
Diana Wilkinson *
Gregory & Deborah Wille *
Don and Debbie Woods *
Anonymous *
Workday, Inc
Alan and Lisa Zawistoski
The Ziemer Family *

*Denotes generous contributor for 3 consecutive years.