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Serra Catholic Elementary School

Inspiring a deep faith, innovative mind, and caring heart through Christ...Siempre Adelante
Annual Fund
Thank You to Our
2013-2014 Annual Fund Contributors!
Wassiem and Ereinee Abdelmalek *
Charles and Jami Adams
Dennis and Faith Agius
John Albano 
Erwin and Kate Allado *
James and Marie Allison*
Deborah & Greg Amparoan *
Anonymous *
The Alvidera Family *
Peter and Teacia Andrew
Lori Anthony, In Memory of Vince Anthony
Dave and Kathy Archibald
Peggy Armenta *
Joshua and Caitlin Armstrong
Brian and Suzy Arriola
Candice Aubuchon *
Marie Baker *
Kevin and Sondra Ballinger
John and Kimberly Barges
Bob and Charlene Barton *
David and Jane Basson
Joleen Bassett *
Shannon Baine *
Jenny E. Banegas
Bank of America *
John and Kimberly Barnes
The Bays Family 
The Beach Family *
Peter and Joanne Beal *
Mary Helen Beatificato
Dave and Erin Bell *
Eddy and Shanda Beltran
Alycia Beresford *
Mark and Patricia Beythoun, In Honor of the 7th & 8th Grade Team
The Bonin Family *
Dr. Robert S. Borowski
Marty and Carol Anne Bozarth
Bryson and Breanna Bisuna
Michele Bogart
Robert and Patty Blain *
The Boeing Company Gift Matching Program
Tony and Jennifer Bolander
Greg and Julie Bonam*
MaryAnn Bortman *
Toni and Mark Botterill & Family *
The Boyer Family *
Rich and Sara Brakke *
The Buchheim Family *
Antonio and Ella Bummer
Kim and Dan Burke
Victor and Ellen Burrola *
Hitz and Donna Burton
Charlie and Melanie Bush *
William and Jennifer Caison *
Mr. and Mrs. James V. Camp *
Lauren Canevaro
Jun and Jannet Canaveral
Anonymous *
Mike & Kim Caspino
Anonymous *
Steve Castillo *
The Callahan Family
Renee and Richard Campbell & Family
Anonymous *
The Carpino Family *
William Catey
Shannon and Michael Champion *
Bob and Rosie Chavez *
The Chavez Family *
Judi Chavez
The Chiasson Family
The Chumentowski Family
Sang-Kook and Young-Ja Chung
Teresa and Brian Chung*
Gino and Mary Cischke*
Jerry and Judith Clements
Brian and Gloria Clifton *
Jane Collins *
Scott and Jane Cone
David and Denise Cunningham *
Edward and Julie Cunningham
Mr. Michael Cunningham, 2011
Chris and Nicole Curtis
Ronald and Lorraine Darienzo
The Dato-on Family
Rob and Amy Davey
Chelsea Davidson
Jason & Leah Davis
Dana DeFrance
Raj and Mari Dhingra
William and Amy Diaz *
The Dilao Family *
Roberto and Angelina Dimayuga *
The Do Family
James and Robin Doherty
The Domier Family
Matthew and Gabriela Donovan
Daniel and Sarah Doyle *
David and Magdalena Drakeford
Mary Catherine Driscoll
Mark and Debbie Dubeau
Anthony and Rachelle Dufault *
James and Sheryl Dufficy *
James and Yvonne Dunworth *
Peter and Mary Jo Egus *
The Emanuel Family
Kraig and Tess Enyeart
Bob and Kathleen Evans *
Arthur and Gina Faccini
Lara & Jim Farhadi *
Kris and Elizabeth Farris
The Feathers Family
The Ferletic Family *
Sue & Bob Finn *
Dan and Allison Finnegan
Elizabeth Fiore
Richard and Catherine Fleming *
Kerri Foley
Kate Forrester *
John and Melissa Fosdick *
Anonymous *
Daniel and Barbara Franz *
Glen and Denise Fredenberg
Freeman, P. & G.
FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA
Andy and Michele Fujimoto
Dan and Connie Fulwiler
Alison Gaby *
The Gaither Family
Darren and Kim Gallaway
Cynthia Gallaway
Siam and Philippe Garcia
The Gevorkian Family
James and Angela Gilbert *
Meredith & Greg Giraudi
Anonymous *
Feliciano Gomez
Randy and Joan Gonzalez *
David and Elena Goodrich
jamie and Gary Gorrell
The Graham Family *
The Grant Family
Diana Graves *
Jack and Debbie Griffith *
Adam and Nicola Grismer
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guzman *
Jeff and Lindsay Hakimi
Mitchell and Lica Handa
Tamara Hanna
The Hastings Family *
The Hardenburgh Family *
 Kathleen and Richard Hardy
Lori Haskell Bradford
Joseph and Carrie Haupt
The Hawks Family *
Doug & Megan Hayden*
Michael and Alecia Hedge
Edwin & Karin Hendrick *
Michael Hernandez
The Herzfeld Family *
Nenette and Dick Hibbert *
Donnie and Joanie Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Himes
Alexa Hines
Linda Hodges
Thomas and Michele Hoey *
Ken and Sharon Hoffman *
The Hogan Family *
Richard and Laura Hoisington*
Ham and Terri Homan *
Jenny Hopkin Todesco *
Paul and Maureen Hua
Marybeth and Melvin Hudson
Julie Hunt *
Marilyn and William Hunt *
Erin Husli
Anonymous *
Patrick and Lori Imburgia *
The Issa Family*
The Jeff Jackson Family
Natalia and David James
Jeff and Ann Marie Jennison*
John Jensen *
Steve and Laurie Johnston
The Joines Family *
Melanie Joyce *
Robert and Denise Kacer *
John and Jacqueline Kalinski
Stacey Kane In Memory of Vladimir Moulshev
Robert and Cynthia Kennedy *
The Kenner Family
Gina and Kevin Kerley *
The Kim Family *
Kimberly-Clark Foundation
Jaeanne King
Laura and Dave Klement
Charles and Selina Ko *
The Kopeny Family 
Mark and Sudi Korba
Debra Kovacs
Dennis and Andrea Kozak *
Patricia and Adam Krolikowski *
The Krotine Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Peggy Krupps
Sef and Lorna Kurstjens
George and Anna Kurtz *
Walter Ladage in Memory of Jeanne Ladage *
The Lao Family
The Lattanzio Family
Anonymous *
Ken and Suzanne Landry *
Deanna and Robert Lau *
Matt and Carol Lawson *
Donald and Diane Leavey *
Gregory and Stephanie Leavey *
The Lebsack Family
Jean Leet
Tim and Dina Leland *
Jennifer Lewis *
Lolita V. Lizarraga
The LoDuca Family *
Patty and Don Loessberg *
Marti Longo
Jesse Lopez *
Paty Lopez *
The Loungarikis Family *
The Lozinski Family *
Anonymous *
The Lupinski Family *
Gail Ann Lynn in Honor of Matthew Lynch 
Paul and Debi Mackey
Lauren Maddaloni *
Wesley Maeda
Wilburn and Shireen Malone
Marc and Melanie Maiona*
Bong and Mary Manese *
Gregory and Alice Manning
Gina Marie Maricondo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matsukane *
Jack and Fiona Mayes*
Kevin and Laura MacCartie
Mike McCabe*
The McCarron Family *
Suzette McCauley *
Anna and Chris McGibbons
The McGuill Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Charles G. McGourty *
Gerard and Trudi McKenzie*
Anonymous *
Anonymous *
Dan and Shirley Merchant *
Michael and Angela Merchant 
The Merrill Family *
Kristy Messer *
Rick and Stephanie Michel
Kamal and Patricia Mikhail in Memory of Fibi Mikhail
Marc and Rita Miles
Anonymous *
Ken and Linda Miller *
Valerie Miske *
Steve and Vaness Modry
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Monge
Roger and Eileen Montero
Morgan Stanley
Anonymous *
Jon and Mariam Mott in Memory of Mary Labonville *
Gerard and Shannon Mooney in Memory of Margaret Mooney
Casey and Kathleen Muldoon
Carrie and Patrick Mulvee *
Kelly Murphy
Robert and Natalie Murray
Steve and Cathy Muzzy *
Diana Myers
Izabella Nagy *
Gloria Napoli *
Anthony Napoli *
Anonymus *
Jenny Ramos *
Isaac Navarro and Genevere Rodil
Michael and Cora Neilon
Gary and Carole Nelson
The Newell Family
David and Kristen Nilsen *
Doug and Tracy Nock
Hudson Nowak
George and Anne Nuttall *
Cristin O'Connor *
Anonymous *
Nancy O'Neil *
Joe and Liz Obergfell
Elizabeth Oh
Eric and Jill Orrantia*
Francisco and Margie Orellana
Rick and Kylee Otto
Corey Overton
The Tim Owens Family *
Wayne and Cynthia Owens*
Aileen Padilla
TeamParkerUSA.com in Memory of Ronald Edward Smith, M.D. *
Rod and Gabrielle Peloquin
Todd and Kathy Plocher *
Pearson Education *
Brittany Pfeiffer
Sharon and Ken Philp *
Andrew and Michele Polana
Christopher and Sharon Poli
Mike and Kathy Pollock*
Kari Polusky
Gabriel and Monica Porchas
Tom and Georgia Prukop
Rick and Michelle Ptak *
Anonymous *
The Que Family *
Richard and Satina Quinteros*
Sean and Julie Radzai *
Sonia S. Ramirez *
Vince and Carla Ramirez *
Sheela Rao
Mr. Ramos
Jenny Ramos
The Ready Family *
The Reinhart Family*
Gerald and Lisa Reed
Antonio and lisa Reis
Jeff and Carol Reiss *
Kay and Tony Relvas*
Paul and Rebecca Renna *
Al and Karen Reyes *
Brian and Cari Reyes *
Saul and Suzanne Reyes *
Sarah and Terry Riordan *
Jeoff and Betsy Robinson
Manuel and Patty Rivas *
Alex and Mary Rivera *
Mr. and Mrs. Romulo Rivera *
Mario and Robin Rodini *
Kelly Romo *
The Roseen Family *
Darryl and Sally Salazar *
Anthony and Kristie Samudio in Memory of Paul Artanis
Al and Kathleen Sandfort *
Mike and Kris Sarrao
The Sash Family
Terri Savage *
The Scheithauer Family
Greg and Rana Schirmer
Joanne and Mark Schroeder
Tim and Sabrina Schuck
Christine A. Schultz *
The Schuster Family
Michael and Holly Schwartz *
The Scialdone Family *
Seung Beom and Sachiko Seo
Vigi Shannon
Douglas and Crystal Rea Shearer
Patrick and Saralee Sheehan*
Linda Shepard in Memory of Paul Shepard
The Shepard Family
The Sherak Family
Jim and Janess Sifers *
The Sigal Family
Steve and Sandy Silva *
The Simard Family *
Michael and Alexandra Simon
Ken and Thea Slingland
Anonymous *
Peter and Shannon Smaldino *
Christopher and Ann Smith
Heather Smith *
Anonymous *
Dean and Carla Soll
Christian and Tammy Steensland
The Stevenson Family
John and Christine Stewart 
Sue and Timothy St. John *
Carlos and Maria Suarez
Philip and Cynthia Szuba Family
John Tarwater
The Pimco Foundation
Jeff and Karen Teasley
Beth Thomas *
Fred and Rima Tarazi
The Tirado Family
Kyle and Kathy Tonokawa *
Frank and Robin Torriero *
Mike and Sharon Tracy *
Alonzo and Karen Tredwell
The Tritz Family *
Angeline Trudell*
Kyle and Kristen Trudell *
Ann Turcios
Suzanne and John Tyler *
United Way of Metropolitan Chicago
Shahah and Mickey Vakili *
Richard and Louise Valdez
The Van Pelt Family
Juan and Tamara Vargas
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Vazquez
Anonymous *
Peter Velau and Lynne Pantano *
Monica Venetos
Brian and Nichole VerBurg
Verizon Foundation *
The Villarreal Family in Memory of Charles Wostenberg *
Chere and Todd Vought *
John and Lerma Voytilla
Stephen Wagner & Family
John and Cherye Waken
Dennis and Andrea Walsh
Paula and Christopher Webb
 Wells Fargo Foundation *
Mark and Jackie White *
Karen Wilcox
Tom and Diana Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Wille *
Bryon and Deborah Wilson
Edward and Karen Wong
Don and Debbie Woods *
Terry and Christy Wrightson
Anonymous *
Christine and Joe Yurosek
Miguel A. Zambales *
Lynn Zettel
The Ziemer Family *

*Denotes generous contributor for 3 consecutive years.