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Serra Catholic Elementary School

Inspiring a deep faith, innovative mind, and caring heart through Christ...Siempre Adelante
Annual Fund
Thank You to Our
2014-2015 Annual Fund Contributors!
Mike and Maria Aceves
 Jami Kemp Adams, In Memory of Miles Kemp
John Albano *
James and Marie Allison
Anonymous *
Dennis and Faith Agius
Nick and Jeannine Alivojvodic .
Erwin and Kate Allado *
Sarah and Benji Alvidera *
Amde Menbere *
Greg and Deborah Amparano *
Jason and Stephanie Angelos 
Elizabeth Anthony
Abel Antonio
Carmelo and Leah Arada
Peggy Armenta *
Mamdouh and Christine Atia
Candice Aubuchon *
Tom and Shannon Baine*
Erica & John Balkhi, In Honor of Nicholas Balkhi
Kevin and Sondra Ballinger
Jenny E. Banegas
Bank Of America
The Bardales Family
John and Kim Barnes *
Lupe Barrera
Bob and Charlene Barton *
The Basciano Family
Linda Basciano 
The Bass Family
Joleen and Cy Bassett *
David and Jane Basson *
Peter and Julie Bastone
The Bays Family
Peter and Joanne Beal *
Anonymous *
Dave and Erin Bell *
Erik and Kara Bell
Eddy and Shanda Beltran
Bielkevicius Family
Bryson and Breanna Bisuna
Patricia Blain *
The Bolander Family *
Greg and Julie Bonam *
The Bonin Family *
Robert S. Borowski & Wendeline J. Borowski
MaryAnn Bortman *
Toni and Mark Botterill & Family *
Julie Bower
Eric and Natalie Boyd
Shohreh & Mehran Bozorgmehri
Rich and Sara Brakke *
The Breit Family
Anonymous *
Johnathan and Mary Broomfield 
Patricia Brown 
The Buchheim Family *
Kim & Dan Burke
Ken Burmood
Victor and Ellen Burrola *
Charlie and Melanie Bush *
William and Jennifer Caison, In Honor of Katie and Emily
Sebastian Calapis
The Callahan Family
Richard, Renee and Ryan Campbell *
Robert and Mary Campos
Jun and Jannet Canaveral *
The Capital Group Companies Charitable Foundation
John and Joanne Carey
Michele and Joe Carey *
The Carpino Family *
The Carraway Family
The Cassedy Family 
Anonymous *
William Catey
Celtic Leasing
Shannon and Michael Champion *
Erik and Jana Chantarapan
Bob and Rosie Chavez *
Judi Chavez, In Honor Of Juan Cruz Morales
The Chavez Family *
The Chiasson Family *
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Chu, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Fernando and Cristin Chumentowski
Brian & Teresa Chung *
Gino and Mary Cischke *
Jerry and Judith Clements *
Brian and Gloria Clifton *
James and Doe Cole 
Jane Collins *
Scott and Jane Cone
Ron and Barbara Conrad
The Contrearas Family
Anne and Jeff Cova
Marcus and Kim Covas
David and Denise Cunningham *
Ed and Julie Cunningham
Mr. Michael Cunningham, 2011
Chris and Nichole Curtis *
Chelsea Davidson
Dana DeFrance
The DeFazio Family
Rowelyn Dela Cruz
Anonymous *
Louis and Michaela Ellis
Genevieve Denault
The Detels Family
Matthew and Ashley Devine
William & Amy Diaz *
The Dilao Family *
The Do Family *
James and Robin Doherty *
Anonymous *
Matthew and Gabriela Donovan
Patrick and Ann Dopudja
Daniel and Sarah Doyle *
David and Magdalena Drakeford
The Drea Family
The Drust Family
Mark and Debbie Dubeau *
Anthony and Rachelle Dufault *
James and Sheryl Dufficy *
Father Jim Dunning
James and Yvonne Dunworth *
Anonymous, in Memory of Allison Anderson
Dennis and Karen DuPerault, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
The Durham Family
ecoATM, Inc. 
Kraig and Tess Enyeart
The Espeleta Family
Bob and Kathy Evans *
Jim and Lara Farhadi
Minoo Fazeli
Jess & Robin Feathers *
The Fennimore Family
Allison and Dan Finnegan
Elizabeth Fiore
Richard and Catherine Fleming *
Kate Forrester *
John and Melissa Fosdick *
Anonymous *
Nichole and Alex Frank, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Daniel and Barbara Franz *
Freeman, Patrick and Geri Anne
FUJIFILM Recording Media, USA
Andy and Michele Fujimoto *
Dan & Connie Fulwiler
John and Stephanie Fuhrman
The Gaither Family
Cynthia Gallaway 
Kim Gallaway *
Ron and Jennifer Galonsky
Edward and Johana Garcia
Karen and Jason Gasper
The Gevorkian Family *
Anonymous *
Anonymous *
General Mills Foundation
The Glenski Family
Goldman Sachs Matching Gift Program
Feliciano and Beatriz Gomez *
Randy and Joan Gonzalez *
Dave and Elena Goodrich
Jamie Gorrell *
Brock Gozbak
The Graham Family *
Diana Graves *
Barbara and James Grimes 
Adam and Nicola Grismer *
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Guzman *
Jeff and Lindsay Hakimi
Mitchell and Lica Handa
The Hardenburgh Family *
Kathleen and Richard Hardy 
Brian and Ramonda Harling
Christine Haskell
The Hastings Family *
Joseph and Carrie Haupt *
The Hawks Family *
Joe and Daisy Hayashi
Doug and Megan Hayden *
Christopher Hebble
Michael and Alecia Hedge *
Edwin & Karin Hendrick *
Carole and Jeff Herzfeld, In Memory of Helen Palmquist *
Nenette C. Hibbert *
Seraphim Himes '10 & Jessica Himes '12
Nancy Hines
Thomas and Michele Hoey *
Ken & Sharon Hoffman *
Brian and Mary Hogan and Family *
Richard and Laura Hoisington *
Ham and Terri Homan *
Maureen and Paul Hua
Mel and Marybeth Hudson *
Julie Hunt *
Marilyn & Bill Hunt *
Erin Husli *
Marisa Iadarola
Anonymous *
Glen Inducil
The Issa Family *
James Jarman
John Jensen *
James and Sonya Johnson
Jeff and Shannon Johnson *
The Joines Family *
John and Jackie Kalinski *
Brendan and Stacey Kane in Memory of Vladimir Moulshev *
Robert and Cynthia Kennedy *
The Kenner Family
Gina and Kevin Kerley *
William & Sherrie Kershaw
Alexander Kim
Insung Kim *
Jaeanne King
Laura and Dave Klement *
Selina and Charles Ko *
Nick and Donnella Konopisos
Debra Kovacs 
Dennis and Andrea Kozak *
Paula and AJ Kroener
Mr. and Mrs. Adam J. Krolikowski *
The Krotine Family *
Ed and Peggy Krupps 
Walter Ladage, In Memory of Jeanne Ladage *
Ken and Suzanne Landry *
The Lao Family 
The Laster Family
The Lattanzio Family 
Matt and Carol Lawson *
Deanna and Robert Lau *
Donald and Diane Leavey *
Gregory and Stephanie Leavey *
The Lebsack Family *
Jean Leet 
Tim and Dina Leland *
The Levy Family *
Brian and Carla Lewandowski
Jennifer Lewis *
Corey Lindsay
Lolita V. Lizarraga
The LoDuca Family *
Patty and Don Loessberg *
Jessica Loebbecke, In Memory of Erwin DuPerault and Mr. Chu
Marti Longo
Jesse Lopez *
The Loungarikis Family *
The Lozinski Family *
Mario Luna
Anonymous *
Robert and Gail Lynch *
Javier and Sandra Macias 
Paul and Debi Mackey *
Lauren Maddaloni *
Melanie Maiona *
Wilburn and Shireen Malone
Gina Marie Maricondo
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Matsukane *
The McCabe Family *
The McCarron Family *
Suzette McCauley *
The McGee Family *
The McGolrick Family 
Gerard and Trudi McKenzie *
Monica McLean 
Grace Mead
Anonymous *
Dan and Shirley Merchant *
The Merrill Family *
The Messer Family *
Rick and Stephanie Michel
John and Patricia Middlebrooks 
Rita Miles - Garrett
Jeff and Carol Miller *
Ken and Linda Miller *
Brigid Miraglia
Valerie Miske *
James and Jessica Miyashiro
Steve and Vanessa Modry 
Melinda and Tony Moiso
Christy Monge *
Roger and Eileen Montero
Gerard and Shannon Mooney
Kathy and Greg Moore
The Mostero Family *
Sameh and Mary Mounir
William and Michele Mouritzen
Casey and Kathleen Muldoon *
Carrie and Patrick Mulvee *
Anonymous *
Kathleen & Brendan Murphy
Natalie Murray *
Steve & Cathy Muzzy *
Diana Myers
Kari Namisniak 
Irene and Rob Nagel
Gloria Napoli *
Anthony Napoli
Mario Nava
Chloe Navarro
Michael and Cora Neilon *
Mike & Katie Nicholson
David & Kristen Nilsen *
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Nilsen
Doug and Tracy Nock *
Anne and George Nuttall *
Andy and Jeannine O'Henley
Craig and Tina O'Rourke
The Obergfell Family
Elizabeth Oh
Kerri Olivieri *
Anonymous *
Jill and Eric Orrantia *
Doni Orsini
Corey Overton 
The Tim Owens Family *
Wayne and Cindy Owens *
Heidi Paolone
TeamParkerUSA.com in Memory of Ronald Edward Smith, M.D. *
Rafael Pelayo
Rod and Gabrielle Peloquin
Greg and Naomi Peters
Pfizer Foundation
Sharon and Ken Philip *
Timothy and Karyn Pickart
John & Doreen Pippen
Mark and Lisa Pitino, In Memory of Paul Morav
Todd and Kathy Plocher
Thomas and Carissa Podesta
Drew and Michele Polana *
Christopher and Sharon Poli *
Mike and Kathy Pollock *
Pete and Kari Polusky *
Jennifer and Cameron Prause
Anonymous *
Tom and Georgia Prukop *
Candace Purvis
The Que Family *
Viviana Qumsia *
Julie & Sean Radzai *
The Rahnama Family
Sonia S. Ramirez *
Vince and Carla Ramirez *
Sheela Rao *
The Ready Family *
Jennifer Rednour in Honor of Taylor Rednour
Gerald and Lisa Reed 
The Reinart Family *
Antonio and Lisa Reis
Jeff and Carol Reiss *
Tony and Kay Relvas *
Paul and Rebecca Renna *
Brian and Cari Reyes *
Saul and Suzanne Reyes *
Cyrus & Joyce Rhee
Sarah and Terry Riordan *
Manuel and Patty Rivas *
Alex and Mary Rivera *
Mr. and Mrs. Romulo Rivera
Jose Rivera 
Patty and George Roberts
Jeoff and Betsy Robinson
Phil and Carolyn Rodas
Mario and Robin Rodini *
The Roges Family
Dorothy Rosier
Roth Capital Partners
The Rue Family
Natalia and Nicholas Ruiz Hazzi
Jennifer & Mike Salahi
Darryl and Sally Salazar *
Jade Sammy
Chris Sanchez
Eric and Tisa Sander
Al and Kathleen Sandfort *
Michael & Kristine Sarrao *
The Sash Family
The Terri Savage Family *
The Scheithauer Family 
Greg and Rana Schirmer *
Christina Schultz *
The Schuster Family
The Schwartz Family * 
Barbara Schwenke
The Scialdone Family *
Vigi Shannon *
Saralee and Patrick Sheehan *
Linda Shepard
Mike and Colleen Shepard *
Jim and Janess Sifers *
Steve and Sandy Silva*
Christopher and Erin Simard
Ken and Thea Slingland *
Peter and Shannon Smaldino *
Christopher and Ann Smith
Heather Smith *
Kim Smith *
Susan and Tim St. John *
Christian and Tamara Steensland *
Anonymous *
Francine Stotko *
Francis and Flor Strazzulla *
Carlos and Maria Suarez *
Philip and Cynthia Szuba and Family
Tarwater Family *
Alison Tessier *
The Performance Group of No. California, LLC
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Beth Thomas *
Roger and Veronica Thompson
Anonymous *
Anonymous *
Giovanni and Jenny Todesco *
Kyle and Kathy Tonokawa *
Frank and Robin Torriero *
Mike and Sharon Tracy *
Jose Trejo
The Tritz Family *
Angie Trudell *
Chris and Marjorie Trujillo
Rick & Susan Turner
Rick and Susan Twellman 
Suzanne and John Tyler *
The Van Pelt Family
† Kevin W. Vann
The Vaughn Family
Richard and Louise Valdez *
Antonio Vazquez 
Anonymous *
Monica Venetos
The Villarreal Family
Todd and Chere Vought *
The Von Der Ahe Family
Phyllis Vranesh
Stephen Wagner & Family 
The Waken Family *
Paula and Chris Webb *
Wells Fargo Foundation *
Mark and Jackie White *
Karen Wilcox *
Diana Wilkinson *
Gregory & Deborah Wille *
Edward and Karen Wong
Don and Debbie Woods *
Anonymous *
Workday, Inc
Terry and Christy Wrightson
Raymond and Mary Wysmierski
Anonymous *
The Yaghi Family
Joseph and Christine Yurosek
Mr. and Mrs. Miguel Zambales
Alan and Lisa Zawistoski
Allen and Jody Zielinski
The Ziemer Family *

*Denotes generous contributor for 3 consecutive years.